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Planning to Design Your Kid’s Room?

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Designing kids’ room is always difficult. You have to think like a kid, know what their taste is and then act. It is difficult to do as an adult — and not a child expert in such matters.

Color: The first you need to take care while designing kids’ room is the creativity. All kids love peppy color combinations. No child likes boring grayish corporate look. Boring is for them, but we know, we, as adults like that to some extent. So, choose loud colors that are more appealing to the eye and pleasing to the mind. Do not use dark combinations, it stresses the mind. Make it funny, inspirational, engaging and full of fun. Keep kids’ choice in mind and proceed. Too much color combinations are not suggested. Follow a particular color palette with one or two additional colors at most.

Utilities: Make sure to put all the needed utility items in their room. Bookrack, study table, computer table, art and craft area. Use the space properly. Do not make the room untidy and congest by stuffing unnecessary items. Leave enough space to walk-around freely.

Safety: While choosing the design and the layouts, don’t forget about safety. Don’t choose anything with sharp edges and stay away from flammable items. Smooth round corners on items will help to keep your child safe. Avoid placing heavy items in their room.

Specific Characters: Every child has its favorite superhero. Paint a wall with their favorite superhero or cartoon character or use wall stickers.

Furnishing: Wooden furniture is best for a child’s room, not too heavy nor too light. Cushioning of such furniture can also be added easily. Select a good quality mattresses to avoid body aches.

All in all, just design your child’s room in which he or she can learn efficiently, play safely and grow positively. Taste and choices may vary from kid to kid, but the idea is the same and that is to make the room an interesting place for your child.


The Decor of Buckingham Palace

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Have you ever wondered about the decor of Buckingham palace? Did you know that some rooms have a Chinese decor? Seven generations of British Monarchs have lived on the grounds of Buckingham Palace up to the present reign, the House of Windsor.  Buckingham Palace is very ornately decorated, to say the least.

What Are Some of the Decor Changes Made at Buckingham Palace Throughout History?

In 1762 the eccentric and extravagant son of King George the Third redid the decor of the building, both inside and outside.

In the 1830’s, Queen Adelaide under the reign of William the Fourth, designed the first of the grand State Apartments. It is known as the Green Drawing Room. She hired Irish people to produce and apply the green tabinet fabric which adorns the walls. Tabinet is often made of wool and poplin, or cotton type material and is very durable and strong. The fine porcelain in the Green Drawing Room was placed by George the Fourth.

In 1837 Queen Victoria had to add some more rooms for her family. She added the east Front in 1847, and moved the Marble Arch entry way of the palace to it’s present position. Queen Victoria was always busy adding her taste to the palace’s decor. She is the one whom aligned the regal gilded framed portraits by the grand entry and massive main stair well.

Queen Victoria’s successor, Edward the Seventh, put electric lighting in the palace, along with other modern conveniences which were all the rage in that day.

What Is the Grand Entry Like at Buckingham Palace?

When you first walk into Buckingham Palace, you will go in at the Grand Hall. It has beautiful walls painted in ivory. There are many gilded tapestry wall coverings and impressive marble columns. There are two marble staircases that lead up to the State Apartments. State rooms were used to entertain and lodge aristocratic guests. There is also a very ornate stairway, a grand stairway, with a balustrades made of bronze. The balustrades are the spindles that hold the railings, so this is a very lavish decor indeed. It would be nearly impossible to tell you of all of the beautiful rooms and sights when it comes to the decor of Buckingham Palace.


Beautiful Glass Tile Flooring for the Ultimate in Design

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Glass tile flooring is an unequaled material when it comes to innovative design with stunning results. Only glass has the distinct value of creating the beauty found in its natural reflecting ability, adding depth and perception at the same time. Glass tiles come in many shapes and sizes making them ideal for mosaic patterns. You can even add lights beneath your glass tiles to created a vision that is truly remarkable.

These tiles are not only beautiful, but easy to maintain and clean. They are waterproof, making them perfect for the bathroom. Sea glass tiles in your bathroom provide a stunning focus. The possibilities are endless with your imaginative decorating theme. You can use glass tiling on your walls and on your floor for a very special effect.                              

Glass tiles for the floor have a special nonslip surface so make sure when using glass tile for floors that the are specifically made for floors. Often you will be able to match up wall tiles with the same patterns and styles as the glass floor tiles.

A breathtaking effect comes from a focal point on the glass tile wall of different colors of glass tiles.

The increase in value of your home cannot compare to the personal enjoyment that comes from the addition of glass floors, even if only added to a few rooms.

Glass floor tiles are made using very high temperatures, adding to the durability of the tiles. Glass tiles have long been used in decoration, however the fantastically engineered items we see today are a result of amazing advances in the creation process resulting in greater strength and more intricate designs and curves.

The Ultimate in Design is Glass Tile Flooring

When it comes to the concepts of styling and reflective beauty, glass floor tiles cannot be beaten. The designs, colors and styles are endless. Make sure to consult with your trusted flooring dealer Century Tile in order to find the best options for your lifestyle and home.




The Decor of the White House

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Did you ever wonder about the decor of the White House? The White House has gone through many changes with time. It has seen many decorators and First Ladies. What is it like today? Today it remains consistent to its place in history and has a very large collection of historical furnishings and art which are kept in mint condition. A lot of love and caring has gone into the preservation of the lovingly collected contributions of past generations of presidents and their families. 

The decor of the White House is rich in classical design and very dramatic. The furniture is historic and sometimes very ornate. The beautiful White House piano, a custom made Steinway is a center of focus. 

Many gilded pieces, such as huge gilded frames, sconces, candelabras and even gilded dinner service adorn the house. The floors consist of the finest materials, often dressed with a grand rug or rich carpeting. Dark woods and marble are in abundance. 

Have There Been Any Major Changes To the Decor of the White House?

No!  There have been no major changes in the decor of the White House, excluding needed maintenance and repair. The last major change to the White House occurred after a fire during the War of 1812. The fire damaged much of the interior and exterior.  However, fine decor is much appreciated in the House and kept as close to the original as possible. Occasionally a change will be necessary in order to keep up with changing times.

The most noticeable change has been to the White House room in which state functions are held, such as dinners and receptions. A modern design has come to this room making it much more functional and beneficial for its social and entertaining purposes. It now has a staged type appearance with dramatic and changeable lighting of dramatic nature. As an added touch Lucite chairs have replaced the former wooden chairs to take full advantage of the lighting in all of its glistening and modern interior design.

The Dramatic Decor of the White House

Changes are made at the White House only when needed and are made to either update or produce a dramatic presentation. The decor of the White House is something to behold, as it has been formed with the lives of many, and sings a song of our history.


Making Your Home Lovely – Part 3

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Your life will quickly become easier and tidier if you include several daily requirements such as cleaning up the kitchen every night before bed. This includes a quick sweep or mop of the floor. Some who batch it might be tempted to put all this off till the weekend, but no one really wants to start Saturday with a cleaning marathon. 

Instead of taking an “all or nothing” approach, how about just throwing in one load of laundry before you leave for work or after you get home? Folding clothes is so much more appealing while watching television. Run through the house with an empty trash bag the day before garbage pick-up and add the kitchen trash bag and you’re finished for another week.

Take one of those shop towels into the bathroom when you get ready for bed at night, and do a quick wipe down of the surfaces. This will make the weekly cleaning less unappealing and faster. A squeegee in the shower can be used to clear the water spots at the end of a wash up, making water spots less of an issue.

Take a close look at what gets in the way of regular cleaning. Do you need to get up fifteen minutes earlier in the morning to put some projects into play before the rest of the family gets up? Do you resent being the one who does all the household chores? Do you just hate the process? Sometimes figuring out your resistance allows you to work past it.

One final tip – build in some rewards and incentives. Pay yourself for every day you meet your cleaning goals. From a luxurious soak in the tub to that new purse you’ve been eyeing on Overstock, figure out a reasonable reward for your efforts. With the right combination of carrot and stick, you may soon develop the habits you want to keep your home as lovely as you wish it could be.


The Best Way to Clean a Hardwood Floor

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What is the best way to clean a hardwood floor? You will want to maintain and clean your hardwood floor so you can get the very best and the most enjoyment that your floor has to offer. Even though hardwood floors are fairly easy to maintain and cover up scratches, you will still want to protect them. You can do this by providing coverings such as runners and rugs in high traffic areas. It will not hurt your decor and might even add some pizazz and interesting effects.

Hardwood floors are available in all kinds of colors, even white. You can perk up the effect of your designer statement by using area coverings and rugs which compliment the coloring in your floor. The best way to take care of your floor is to take preventive measures and not expose it to undue hardships. Wipe up spills immediately as they can discolor certain hardwood floors.

What Is the Basic Maintenance and Process to Clean a Hardwood Floor?

Dusting agents are specially formulated to be sprayed onto a dry mop and quickly run over your hardwood floor. You can use an electric broom or a floor brush attachment on a hardwood floor, but be careful because it is easy to add scratches that you can hardly see. Over time these minute scratches will begin to show causing a dull and scratchy appearance to your floor. 

A vacuum without a brush attachment should not be used due to possible damage to the finish of your floor. A nice soft broom can be used to sweep if you prefer. A dust mop with a dusting agent, as mentioned earlier, is the hardwood floor’s best friend.

Every so often your hardwood floor will need more then a dust mop. Do not use harsh cleansers, but instead opt for a wood cleaning product made especially for wood floors. Some of these polish while also cleaning. You will find that any built up grime will come off easily and your floor will be bright and clean. Remember never to leave puddles of cleaning products or water on your hardwood floor, as it will discolor.

Its Not Very Difficult to Clean a Hardwood Floor

Keeping a hardwood floor nice is actually not very difficult. Protect your floor as much as you can by taking necessary preventive measures. Don’t fuss and worry too much as your home is a place to enjoy and to relax. A hardwood floor is a very beautiful addition to a home.


Making Your Home Lovely – Part 2

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Once you start getting a handle on clutter, it’s time to dive into your housecleaning patterns. Do you have a regular schedule for your efforts or just move in when you notice things are going downhill? Most people don’t enjoy cleaning enough to spend the time to organize their efforts, but it’s really worth the investment up front. The following tips will help make your housecleaning easier, faster and more pleasant.

Buy the right tools. Purchase buckets or plastic containers with a handle to hold your cleaning products. You may want to assign one container to bathrooms, a second to the kitchen and a third to the rest of the house. Include the necessary brushes or cloths for each bucket. That way you’re not wasting time finding all of the supplies you need with each cleaning project. It also encourages you to notice when you’re running low on something so you can add it to your shopping list.

Buy a package of shop towels. These are inexpensive and available at warehouse and hardware stores. These are sized at just a bit larger than a washcloth and are made of white terry fabric. You can use these for anything you need to clean. Shop towels are also terrific for picking up spills and wiping up grime on anything from shoes to the car’s dashboard. They’re nicer to use than paper towels and last for years. Expect to use a lot of them, but when you run low just dump them in the washer with some soap and bleach and they’re ready for next time. 

Our next blog will help with a schedule and some incentives.