Planning to Design Your Kid’s Room?

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Designing kids’ room is always difficult. You have to think like a kid, know what their taste is and then act. It is difficult to do as an adult — and not a child expert in such matters.

Color: The first you need to take care while designing kids’ room is the creativity. All kids love peppy color combinations. No child likes boring grayish corporate look. Boring is for them, but we know, we, as adults like that to some extent. So, choose loud colors that are more appealing to the eye and pleasing to the mind. Do not use dark combinations, it stresses the mind. Make it funny, inspirational, engaging and full of fun. Keep kids’ choice in mind and proceed. Too much color combinations are not suggested. Follow a particular color palette with one or two additional colors at most.

Utilities: Make sure to put all the needed utility items in their room. Bookrack, study table, computer table, art and craft area. Use the space properly. Do not make the room untidy and congest by stuffing unnecessary items. Leave enough space to walk-around freely.

Safety: While choosing the design and the layouts, don’t forget about safety. Don’t choose anything with sharp edges and stay away from flammable items. Smooth round corners on items will help to keep your child safe. Avoid placing heavy items in their room.

Specific Characters: Every child has its favorite superhero. Paint a wall with their favorite superhero or cartoon character or use wall stickers.

Furnishing: Wooden furniture is best for a child’s room, not too heavy nor too light. Cushioning of such furniture can also be added easily. Select a good quality mattresses to avoid body aches.

All in all, just design your child’s room in which he or she can learn efficiently, play safely and grow positively. Taste and choices may vary from kid to kid, but the idea is the same and that is to make the room an interesting place for your child.


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