The Decor of Buckingham Palace

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Have you ever wondered about the decor of Buckingham palace? Did you know that some rooms have a Chinese decor? Seven generations of British Monarchs have lived on the grounds of Buckingham Palace up to the present reign, the House of Windsor.  Buckingham Palace is very ornately decorated, to say the least.

What Are Some of the Decor Changes Made at Buckingham Palace Throughout History?

In 1762 the eccentric and extravagant son of King George the Third redid the decor of the building, both inside and outside.

In the 1830’s, Queen Adelaide under the reign of William the Fourth, designed the first of the grand State Apartments. It is known as the Green Drawing Room. She hired Irish people to produce and apply the green tabinet fabric which adorns the walls. Tabinet is often made of wool and poplin, or cotton type material and is very durable and strong. The fine porcelain in the Green Drawing Room was placed by George the Fourth.

In 1837 Queen Victoria had to add some more rooms for her family. She added the east Front in 1847, and moved the Marble Arch entry way of the palace to it’s present position. Queen Victoria was always busy adding her taste to the palace’s decor. She is the one whom aligned the regal gilded framed portraits by the grand entry and massive main stair well.

Queen Victoria’s successor, Edward the Seventh, put electric lighting in the palace, along with other modern conveniences which were all the rage in that day.

What Is the Grand Entry Like at Buckingham Palace?

When you first walk into Buckingham Palace, you will go in at the Grand Hall. It has beautiful walls painted in ivory. There are many gilded tapestry wall coverings and impressive marble columns. There are two marble staircases that lead up to the State Apartments. State rooms were used to entertain and lodge aristocratic guests. There is also a very ornate stairway, a grand stairway, with a balustrades made of bronze. The balustrades are the spindles that hold the railings, so this is a very lavish decor indeed. It would be nearly impossible to tell you of all of the beautiful rooms and sights when it comes to the decor of Buckingham Palace.


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