3 Ideas To Make Your Room Feel Bigger

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Small rooms can be tough, especially when dividing bedrooms between children. Thankfully there are quite a few ways to work with a smaller sized room to help make it feel perfect. First you need to see the shape of your room, and then get started. There is one critical point to remember – no furniture over-loading in a small room.

Space management:

In a room, some things like a cupboard, computer or writing table and bed are a must. These things need to be arranged so that they take up as little space as possible. Beds with built in storage above and below can go a long way to using all the available space. 


Clutter is absolutely the enemy of the small room. Leaving some open space is just as important as productively using the spaces that are required.  Small changes such as shelves on the wall rather than drawers on the floor will maintain open floor space while still providing ample storage. Small decorations and light things, like cushions can make the room look bigger.

Mirrors, windows and 3d paintings:

If your room has a window, then the sun light can certainly help brighten the room and add more visual depth. You can place a wall size mirror on one of the wall and it will make your room look double its size.  Larger paintings of open areas like landscapes can also add depth and volume to a room. It can be the wall behind your bed or the one opposing it. 

Simply choosing the right combination of furniture, colors and accessories can have a significant impact on the atmosphere and size of a smaller room.  Avoid clutter and too much furniture and you’ll be well on your way to getting the maximum use possible from your small room.


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