Hardwood Floor Maintenance Part 2

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This is a two part series where we are discussing simple daily maintenance that will help to ensure a longer life for your wood floor. Long term maintenance considerations are important, but the daily routine is what is practical for guarding your floor from damage ever day. In Part 2 we discuss how to protect your floor from objects and how to move items from place to place. 

On The Top

  • Shoes are not friendly to floors.  Especially high heels! These shoes seem to be made with a vengeance towards your wood floors.  The sharp tips of the shoes can cause small indentions and divots.  Some can be repaired, but not all!  Scars can be avoided by either removing shoes when walking on hardwood floors for extended periods of time or by buying heel protectors that slip over the heel tip.
  • Does your dog spend time inside?  Make sure your pet has his nails trimmed occasionally. Indoor pets can damage wood floors if their claws are too long.
  • Protect your wood floors from furniture!  All furniture that sits atop your wood floors needs to have a barrier between itself and the floor.  Many options exist, but check with the manufacturers recommendations for the best ideas.
  • Keep your floors dry!  Use mats in spaces where water is going to splash like the bathroom or kitchen.

Moving Around

  • Your furniture can seriously scuff or scratch your floors if pushed around without proper precautions.  Once again, there are multiple products on the market specifically for helping with this.  However, be sure to check with the manufacturer to find the best product to use with your floor.
  • Seemingly against the previous point, you should move your furniture around occasionally to ensure even wearing.  Just make sure you move it safely!
  • A furniture dolly can help with moving larger furniture, but make sure to plan for the weight and wheels!  Protect floors at this point as well!

Your wood floor maintenance doesn’t need to be overwhelming.  It’s easy to take care of your beautiful wood!  Flooring trends may change, as might your taste and style, but your floor is meant to be there for you through thick and thin. Don’t forget to read Part 1 of the Hardwood Floor Maintenance guide. 

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