Indoor Activities for Rainy Days

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The late spring season into early summer can bring unexpected rainy days. If you are home with the kids all day or after school, the rain can make time stand still before dinner and bedtime. If it’s a weekend day, kids can really get antsy sitting indoors for hours on end. Here are a few fun indoor activities to enjoy with kids if you are caught with a rainy day outside.



Even if your kids are young, you can make this activity fun for them. Pick a cookie or other baked good recipe and get your aprons on. Try a family recipe from Grandma’s recipe box and tell the kids your favorite stories from growing up. Or, pick a fun recipe like “Kitchen Sink Cookies” and have the kids pick any ingredients they want to add to a basic chocolate chip cookie recipe. Anything from coconut flakes, peanut butter chips, walnuts, craisins or raisins will be tasty and fun for the kids to bake with.


Pinterest-inspired craft

If your kids are into crafting, ask them to search Pinterest boards to find an easy afternoon craft. Set up the kitchen table with any and all crafting supplies and encourage them to make something for the playroom or their bedrooms. This will get their creative juices flowing and pass a couple hours of bad weather any day.


Charades or board games

Kids love to play charades, so write down several fun characters to play out, cut them up and play a few rounds of charades. Then, grab some board games suitable for kids, set out snacks and blankets and gather around the family room table for an afternoon of games.


Movie and a snack

If it’s a particularly gloomy or lazy day, invite the kids to the family room or basement for an afternoon of movies, popcorn, candy and cuddling. Have them put on their comfy PJs and agree on a movie or two to pass the time.  

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