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Pete the Pro Episode 7 — Working the Grid

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Continue in the Pete the Pro series as Pete shows how to work the grid set down previously.

Pete The Pro Video Series — Working the Grid – YouTube

Pete continues his series in Part 7: Working the Grid. If you are overwhelmed by tile, Pete will show you the process from beginning to end. Pete Lettecci ak…



Pheasant Run Home Show in St. Charles, IL

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Our team recently participated in the Pheasant Run home show in St. Charles Illinois.  Below are some pictures of the great time we had!  Thank you to all who attended!

There are a couple of glimpses of Pete from our Pete the Pro videos!

If you would like to know where Pete will be next, here’s his schedule.





Valentine’s Day Rhinestone Rescue!

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Major retailers of jewelry across the globe have convinced us that in order for Valentine’s Day to be a success there must be diamonds. If you can afford them they are certainly impressive. Go for it and enjoy! But, if they’re not financially within reach you don’t necessarily have to forego a great dose of sparkle for your loved one. Instead, opt for rhinestones! Traditionally they have been associated with embellishment of garments or costume jewelry for formal events. These days, however, a lot of very beautiful rhinestone goods are available, including tasteful jewelry.

Here’s a list of suggestions so you can choose the perfect, affordable gift for the person in your life whose eyes light up at the sight of something sparkly. Are you the one with a heart desirous of some glimmer? Share this post with the one who needs to know!

Jewelry: brooches, bracelets, beads, earrings, charms, necklaces, rings, pendants, watches

Figurines: zodiac signs, butterflies, birds, animals, cartoon characters, holiday, flowers

Fashion Accessories: handbags, sunglasses, card holders, key rings, scarves, mobile device accessories

Home Accessories: candle holders, picture frames, ornaments, vases, dining items

Stationary: pens, stylus, USB pens/drives

Super spectacular: A tiara for the princess or crown for the queen in your life!

As you can see there are far more options with rhinestones than most of us realize. From the list above you’re sure to be able to find something for any personality type. Does the object of your affection have a deep love for animals? Offer up a lovely figurine of a favorite creature. Or maybe it’s someone who has a very busy and structured life that entails a nearly permanent attachment to the mobile phone. Who better to give smart phone case covered in rhinestones?

Last, consider wowing the object of your affection a little more by including some facts about rhinestones. Even though they aren’t diamonds, they still have an intriguing history that will add glamour to your gift! Rhinestones were first rock crystals that were collected from the Rhine, which explains their name. Later, a jeweler tried coating the underside of glass with powdered metal and they were thus manufactured.  In modern times manufacturing is so advanced that rhinestones have nearly the same dazzle as a diamond when exposed to sunlight. The largest supplies come from Austria and the Czech Republic.

Want one last unique, slightly silly idea? Lavish your gift upon your loved one with the song “Rhinestone Cowboy” playing in the background! Best of luck!

Pete the Pro Episode 6

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Continue with Pete as he shows you how to start a grid pattern. Don’t forget to go back and start his series from the beginning…

Pete the Pro Episode 1

Pete The Pro Video Series Start Grid – YouTube

In his continuing series, Pete shows the correct way to start a grid pattern. Pete Lettecci aka “Pete the Pro” installed ceramic tile for over 30 years. Sinc…