Top Rated Back-To-School Apps

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Back-to-school time is visible as fall arrives and parents everywhere are bracing themselves for this massive undertaking. No matter how well you plan, the process of heading back to school is a chaotic time. Anything that helps simplify it is a very welcome addition to life. Help ease the stress and have some fun by trying out some of the best apps available for managing the process! 


Free, Apple and Android

This app is designed to help rid your life of bulky, heavy textbooks. CourseSmart inputs a semester’s worth of textbooks on your laptop, tablet, or smart phone. The cost of transferring the books ranges from free to fee based, but in the case of paid transfer the cost of the material is still lower than buying the actual printed publication.

Free, Apple and Android

This app has been around for quite some time and it seems to consistently improve with smart changes to the interface. It’s not only more convenient than lugging around a printed dictionary, it offers an abundance of interactive features. It includes a thesaurus, lengthy descriptions of the words, their origins, and an audible pronunciation tool.


Free, Apple and Android

This app is designed to facilitate a way for students to keep track all of their homework assignments. It’s effective because it uses color codes that are assigned in tangent with due dates. It syncs with a desktop computer as well if you would like to be able to use it this way.

Graphing Calculator

Free, Apple

This app allows students to opt out of the inconvenient graphic calculator that seems to either be always in the way or impossible to find.  The app version is an extended scientific calculator that can easily graph multiple equations. The interface is also quite easy to use.

Student Tracker Life 360 Locator

Free, Apple and Android

This app is hugely valuable if you have young children who walk home without adult supervision before or after school. Simply register the app on your child’s mobile phone, and you’ll be able to track his or her location on a map. It also features a panic button which will give both you and your child some peace of mind knowing there’s a quick and easy access way to alert someone of an emergency situation.

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