Space is all You Need for a Reading Nook

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Have you ever longed to have a special reading nook just for you? Creating this space is easier than you may think. Find out how one chair, a rug and a little planing can turn into your favorite spot!

Find a chair that is comfortable and aesthetically pleasing to look at. This exposed wood, French chair is beautiful and quite functional as well. The seat cushion is filled with a foam core, surrounded by goose down. The tight upholstered back provides good support and a slight incline that will make it easy to relax. Sitting in this chair will make the person feel relaxed and ready to read. Creating the setting for anything to happen, in any book of choice.

A simple yet comfortable ottoman is all that is needed to turn a chair into a lounge chair. This particular chair is not considered a lounge chair. However the ottoman turns this formal chair into the perfect lounge chair. Not a lot of space is needed to create a reading nook. Enough space is needed for the chair of your choice, a small ottoman (this pouf is a perfect item when low on space) and a small accent table. The small accent table is needed for resting a drink and a book. When reading people like to drink tea, coffee or a cold beverage.

Adding a small rug under the chair will form a designated reading space, just like that! We would suggest starting with deciding the area you want to designate as your reading nook. Then mark out the area with an area rug.  Add a chair that you love and from there you can select an ottoman, accent table and a cozy lap blanket.

Feel free to add a floor or table lamp if the lighting is scarce. If there is one thing you need in a reading space, it is light! This is very important in a space used for reading. Let us know how you have decorated your reading nook.  Leave a picture in the comments below!

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