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Steps to Selecting the Right Area Rug

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Choosing an area rug can be an intimidating process. Even the friendliest rug showroom can get confusing with the variety of choices. To make the process easier, do your homework before you start shopping.

Consider style: An area rug can serve the same purpose as art on a blank wall. It can set a tone, bring unconnected pieces of furniture together, and warm up a space. Take a good look at where you plan to place the rug. A simple rug will work well if there are already a lot of patterns. Does the room need more color? Let the rug plus a few well-chosen accessories bring some vibrancy into a previously neutral space. Consider the floor, and let the rug pop with contrast or blend in depending upon what the room needs.

Consider type: Rugs come in almost every material imaginable, from nylon to silk. Choose one that will work with your usage. Durable materials such as nylon or wool will work best in a room with a lot of traffic. Dark colors and patterns also hide traffic as well as dining spills. The new indoor-outdoor rugs are great for homes with children. You can actually take those rugs outside and hose them off.

Consider size: Rugs under furniture groupings work best when they are large enough to contain all the furniture. Then the rug becomes like a frame for the furniture and the space. If possible, leave at least a foot of space between the edge of the rug and the walls, giving the rug position and the room balance. Remember to provide space for chairs when selecting a dining room rug. The recommended additional size is about two feet beyond the table edge, giving enough space for chairs and people.

After you complete your analysis, three more steps will simplify your rug shopping. Measure the space to determine the best rug size. Do not rely on an eyeball measurement. Large showroom spaces are deceptive. Take a couple of pictures of the space. They will help you visualize rugs in the selected spot once you’re in the showroom. 

Finally, bring a few items that match the colors already in the room, to ensure that your rug will coordinate with the colors already in the space.

By following these simple steps before you start shopping, the right area rug is almost in your grasp!

A Cheese Grater’s Other Uses

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If you have recently updated your kitchen with new floors or counters, you know how great a kitchen can look.  We’ve come up with a few easy tricks for you in the kitchen so that you will look as amazing in your kitchen as your kitchen looks to us!

A cheese grater can be a super handy tool in the kitchen. There are many things you can grate, other than cheese. Find out how to put this ordinary tool to good use! To make your life easier when grating food, spray the grater with cooking spray to keep foods from sticking to the tool. This allows for super easy clean up; taking the scrubbing out of the equation.

Don’t have a garlic mincer? No worries, garlic can be grated on the small side of the cheese grater. This will mince the garlic and give you more flavor. This is especially helpful when making sauces or dips that require garlic. Ginger can also be grated just like the garlic. The same goes for ginger, more flavor will come out if you grate it, opposed to chopping it.

Grate hardboiled eggs to make a super quick salad topping. Make several hard boiled eggs, grate them all and save them for a salad topping that will last a couple of days. This is a great idea if you are trying to eat more salads. Hard boiled eggs add flavor and protein to your salad.

Potatoes can be grated to make yummy hash browns. The prep time is significantly reduced by grating the potatoes, instead of chopping them. Once the grating is done all you have to do is pan fry the hash browns and add some yummy melted cheddar (which of course is delicious when grated)!

Grate tomatoes when making sauces. By doing this instead of dicing, the tomatoes will cook easier because the pieces are smaller. Just make sure to peel the tomatoes before grating.

Spices can be grated by an extra small grating tool. This will allow you to use fresh spices in your recipes. The flavor will be more apparent when using a freshly grated spice. Cinnamon sticks are perfect for grating because they are easy to hold on to while using the tool.

Make toast and grate it finely to make fresh bread crumbs. This will come in especially handy around Thanksgiving!

Free Labor Credit Event!

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Make sure not to miss out Free Labor event, starting next Monday, August 15.  Come in to see what we have to offer and ask for the details, After the long summer months, couldn’t your floors benefit from this sale? 

New Hardwood Floor Trends

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Hardwood is a beautiful choice for any home, no matter the interior styling. However, because there are so many wood species and stains to choose from, it can be a tough decision. Look no further! We think you will fall in love with a gray or white wash finish option!

White wash or white wood or gray stains are a great choice if you desire a lighter, more modern look. These floor stains are being installed in many places in the interior design world, magazines and on design television shows. There is a reason so many designers are choosing this fresh finish for their hardwoods.

A lighter finish for wood floors looks bright and makes a room feel fresh. This type of stain option is perfect for homes that need more light. Dark or medium wood colors tend to look quite traditional. Selecting a more modern stain can transform the look of the hardwood in your home.

White or gray wood or white wash works with many different styles! There is no need to worry about the color scheme with this finish. It is a fresh neutral that looks good with all colors. The contrast can be played up or down between other wood furniture as well.

This trend works for many different types of interiors; modern, contemporary, rustic, shabby chic, and the list goes on. The only time to stay away from this particular look is when trying to stay true to a historical look, or in a very traditional space.

There is a reason these finish options have spread like wildfire. Because it looks beautiful and meshes well with all other color schemes. Even if the floors are light the rest of the space may be dark in contrast. These colors for hardwood floors are quite versatile. Keep this in mind when selecting new hardwood floor options!

If you have any questions about this wonderful look, feel free to ask us at Century Tile!  We are always happy to help.