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The Best Storage Solution for a Small Bathroom

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The best place to add storage in a small bathroom is behind the toilet. This wall space being utilized will make the bathroom more efficient and accessible. Find out how to achieve this and what to store here.

Cabinets or shelving can be custom built to fill this space. By doing so you can customize the bathroom to fit in with the rest of the finish selections. Toilets typically come out approximately 26”-30”. The space from the wall, over the toilet tank, can be utilized; 12” deep cabinets can be built in this space. If you decide to put custom cabinetry here, make sure to have the installer place it at least 60” off the floor. This keeps free clearance for a person to stand up. We can help you figure out the best layout for your space, as well provide educational advice regarding different products and finishes.

There is a benefit to using shelving in this area. Shelving allows you to use the space, directly behind the toilet. For shelving consider a 7”-8” deep shelf for the area over the toilet tank. Search for shelving that is close to the depth of your toilet tank. This is clear available space that can be utilized. Custom shelving can be quickly built and cost less than custom cabinets.

Items to keep in this extra storage space is toilet paper, clean towels, extra toothpaste and other items that you keep on hand, like soap. Having these items easily to the toilet and the shower; makes this small space more user friendly, thus making the room more efficient.

Adding custom storage to a small bathroom will be attractive to potential buyers, if there comes a time when you intend to sell. Making a small room more useful is an appealing feature to homeowners and buyers. It is always a good idea to make each room in your house more efficient to use. The smaller areas are the most difficult to approach. Adding built-ins or shelving can add a world of difference to any small space, not just a bathroom. Consider this solution for laundry and mud rooms as well.

End of Summer Purging

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The end of summer is a great time to purge. Next thing you know the holidays are around the corner and you still have floats and noodles left over from summer. We tend to acquire more items during fall. We stock up on back to school items, new fall clothing and décor. Next thing you know, we need more space for holiday decorations and gifts. In this read, discover tips that will help you successfully purge items around your home.

First start by categories. It can be whatever needs the most attention, such as clothes, toys or pantry items. Take inventory of each category item throughout every room in the house. A good question to ask yourself if, “Do I have multiple items of the same thing?”. If so decide which one to keep and which item to donate.

Go through all important papers and digitize what is relevant, and shred what is no longer needed. You can either scan documents or simply take photos of them. Create organized folders on your PC so you can easily find any document you may need. This will free up a ton of storage space in your home! These important folders should be backed up. We recommend buying an external hard drive. This will allow you to back up your files and keep the hard drive separate in case something should happen to the computer.

Go through your pantry, cupboards and refrigerator. Check the expiration date on all items. Throw away anything that is expired. Items that are expiring soon should be used quickly or simply tossed. You will be surprised how many items that will end up getting tossed!

When you find yourself with a lot of free extra storage space, after a purge has taken place, do not simply look for a way to fill up the empty space. Keep that storage space free until there comes a time where you need to store holiday decorations or whatever may show up. Having free storage space available throughout the year will help you stay more organized as well as keeping clutter at bay!

Trending Paint Colors for Fall 2016

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Fall is a great time to repaint your home, whether that is painting the interior or exterior. Now you can start creating your plan of attack. The fall color trends are here! This fall the colors are bold and brighter than we have typically seen in the past! There is nothing earth toned about the trending fall colors of 2016. The must-have colors are brighter colors that are deep and bold.

The first color on the palette starts with grey and a rich grey is a great choice for fall. Start with a grey that leans only slightly to the blue end of the spectrum and pair it with a cool, crisp white to create a bold contrast, accenting your deep grey perfectly.

Jewel tones are also a big hit this fall. Jewel tones are considered to be those usually found in precious stones.  Think of teal, eggplant or amethyst purple, midnight blue, emerald green or ruby red. These colors are bold and bright at the same time. Choosing any of these colors will transform any space from dull to exciting, although they should only be used as accents!

Adobe red is very popular right now. This is a true red that is mixed with a brown orange. Pair this color with natural textiles and elements. Use golds, orange and yellow for warm accent colors. Adobe red warms up any space and makes you literally feel warmer. A great interior choice for cold winters.

Dusty pinks are also popular this season. This color is a light tint of cool pink that ranges from rosy to lavender.  This color pairs perfectly with off white and cool grey. Liven the color scheme us by pairing it with gold or brass.

If you have any questions about the best color combinations in your home, the staff at Century Tile is always happy to help!  Stop by one of our locations or contact us