Five Reasons To Consider Open Shelving in Your Kitchen

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If you’re anything like most homeowners, you’re always looking for ways you can refresh and reinvent your space. If you’re planning on updating your kitchen into something modern or contemporary then you may want to consider a cabinet free look. The idea might sound crazy, but it’s a look that is becoming increasingly popular.

What are some of the advantages of an open shelving concept in your kitchen? We are going to give you five reasons why you should consider taking the jump.

  1. More storage options
    Are you always looking for ways to increase your storage options in the kitchen? With the upper cabinets gone, you know have more room for your dish ware and appliances. Narrow and deep cabinetry make it difficult to store larger items and nearly impossible to get them down once you’ve stored them away. Open shelving allows for more space and it’s much easier to reach your items.

  2. Adds a sense of warmth
    The kitchen should feel warm and welcome especially when you have guests over. Open shelving in the kitchen will make visitors feel like they are at home and they won’t feel like they’re being intrusive when they reach for a glass or plate.

  3. Makes the space brighter and larger
    Yes, removing your hunky kitchen cabinetry will make the space feel much brighter and open. Kitchen cabinetry can make the room feel small, dark and closed off. When you remove them, the kitchen walls are able to reflect more sunlight which creates an airy feeling making the space appear much bigger.

  4. Inexpensive
    Who doesn’t like to save money? If you were planning a kitchen remodel you were likely going to be kicking out thousands of dollars for updated cabinetry. Open shelving is the best economic solution that will give you the modern look you’re seeking without cleaning out your pockets.

  5. Simple Cleaning Process
    Kitchen cabinetry requires thoroughly cleaning to remove dust and to prevent mildew from forming. Dust won’t accumulate on the shelving as easily because your dishes are constantly being used. If it does you can simply swipe clean while doing the dishes.

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