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Four Things You Can Do With Slate Tile

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While ceramic and porcelain can add beauty to your home; if you’re searching for a unique tile material then you might want to consider slate. Yes, slate tiles are often overlooked when it comes to designing the interior of a home. Slate tiles are inorganic which means that they aren’t produced from a plant based substance. However, it can be the tile that really makes a space stand out.

Slate is a type of natural stone that derives from a metamorphic rock. This means that it took several years to form through the compression of water and minerals that are found below sea level. This is perhaps the most durable tile option because it’s rough exterior is able to stand up to just about anything. So what exactly can you do with slate tiling?

  1. Floor Tiles
    Of course, you can opt to use slate tiles on your floor as opposed to hardwood, ceramic and other types of flooring options. It’s a unique flooring solution because no two slate tiles will be exactly alike when you install them on your floors. Yes, the color consistency will slightly vary on each tile. Using slate tiles on your floor is great for homeowners who are interested in steering away from non-traditional flooring.

  2. Mudroom or Entryway
    Using slate tiles at the entryway or in the mudroom is ideal. It makes for a gorgeous contrast against hardwood floors when it’s installed in the entryway. It’s durable and it stands up to water damage so you don’t have to worry about ruining the floors with wet boots in the mudroom.

  3. On the Walls
    Slate tiles aren’t limited to the floors. They can be just as attractive when installed on the walls. You can create a slate tiled wall in virtually any room in the house including the bathroom. Exposed slate creates a rustic feel and is super chic.

  4. The Fireplace
    Is it time to update the look of your fireplace? Brick isn’t your only option. You can also install slate tiles around the area. Slate is heat, flame resistant and you won’t have to worry about soot building up on the tiles.

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Bathroom Details Your Guests Can’t Ignore

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Believe it or not, bathrooms matter. As the most often neglected room in the house, it’s the little details that can determine whether the space is highly functional as well as chic. Here are some important details that your guests just won’t be able to ignore.

Detailed Cabinetry
It’s time to think beyond your basic white vanity and instead opt for something with a bit more pizazz. Invest in cabinetry that feature hardware with creative designs, a bold eye catching color or architectural overlays. Play it safe by purchasing a vanity that seamlessly blends into your bathroom decor, or go for an eclectic look by selecting something that stands out from your bathroom’s vibe.

Unique Fabric
Unlike other areas of the house, there aren’t many opportunities to incorporate fabric into your bathroom decor. So when the opportunity presents itself, jump on it. You can use fabric in the bathroom through your choice of window treatment. Using window treatments that showcase a unique or vibrant fabric will definitely take this space to the next level. If you’re determined to use more fabrics in your bathroom you can also do it with a ultra chic shower curtain.

Accent Shower Wall
There are numerous colors, designs and materials you can select from when putting together your showers tile. Venture out beyond generic black and white patterns and create a accent wall in your bathroom by putting together a shower tile that features a vibrant hue and material. You can install your accent tiles to either sides of the shower wall or have it wrap around the entire shower in a single border.

Pattern Flooring
Of course, we can’t forget about the bathroom flooring. Instead of a blank slate, invest in flooring that uses an intricate pattern or design. Choose flooring that have a nice mix of tones, colors and shapes.

New Sink
Trade your traditional sink for one that sits above the countertop. Vessel sinks are manufactured in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials. Top off things by installing an sculptural faucet. By giving your vanity a upgrade you’ll take your bathroom design up several notches.

Enjoy and have fun!

Four Tips for Putting Together a Home Office

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Whether you use the space to run a business, occasionally telecommute, or simply plan your family’s budget and pay bills; your home office should be more than a desk and chair. Your home office should be functional, efficient and comfortable. Aspire to create a space that inspires and encourages productivity. It doesn’t matter if you are working with a small or large space, you can implement stylish solutions so that you can design an office space that’s an extension of you and your home.

Here are some tips for putting together the perfect home office:

  1. Function Over Form

Remember that function is key. Therefore, you’ll want to design with your workflow in mind. Before you invest in furniture, think about what items you will need at your fingertips. Your storage, shelves and desk are supposed to serve you by enabling you to complete tasks, this an another factor you have to remember before purchasing furnishing. In addition, you’ll want your office furniture to be an extension of your home, not some cold cubicle. So be sure to keep in line with the theme of your home. If your home reflects more traditional design style, then you should opt for wood desk and comfy seats. If your office has the space, you can even add a love seat. Artwork and other accessories can add warmth to this space.

  1. What are your favorite colors that inspire and calm you?

Consider painting the walls or making an accent wall of your favorite color. Bright colors can liven up your home office and inspire lots of creativity. Calming hues like mint green or sea blue are refreshing and can create a serene tone for days when business gets busy.

  1. Invest in a quality chair

Since you’ll likely be spending hours planted in a chair, you invest in a chair that is going to be super comfortable. Select a chair that is padded with armrests and a headrest, and can easily move around a room if you need it to.

  1. View

Position your desk and chair so that you can look out the window and enjoy the view. If your office has no windows, you can hang up a beautiful piece of artwork for something nice to look at and to create a beautiful environment for you to be inspired and productive. Clear as much clutter and be as organized as possible as to not clutter and overwhelm your mind!

Good luck with your home office! We hope some of these tips helped!