Four Things You Can Do With Slate Tile

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While ceramic and porcelain can add beauty to your home; if you’re searching for a unique tile material then you might want to consider slate. Yes, slate tiles are often overlooked when it comes to designing the interior of a home. Slate tiles are inorganic which means that they aren’t produced from a plant based substance. However, it can be the tile that really makes a space stand out.

Slate is a type of natural stone that derives from a metamorphic rock. This means that it took several years to form through the compression of water and minerals that are found below sea level. This is perhaps the most durable tile option because it’s rough exterior is able to stand up to just about anything. So what exactly can you do with slate tiling?

  1. Floor Tiles
    Of course, you can opt to use slate tiles on your floor as opposed to hardwood, ceramic and other types of flooring options. It’s a unique flooring solution because no two slate tiles will be exactly alike when you install them on your floors. Yes, the color consistency will slightly vary on each tile. Using slate tiles on your floor is great for homeowners who are interested in steering away from non-traditional flooring.

  2. Mudroom or Entryway
    Using slate tiles at the entryway or in the mudroom is ideal. It makes for a gorgeous contrast against hardwood floors when it’s installed in the entryway. It’s durable and it stands up to water damage so you don’t have to worry about ruining the floors with wet boots in the mudroom.

  3. On the Walls
    Slate tiles aren’t limited to the floors. They can be just as attractive when installed on the walls. You can create a slate tiled wall in virtually any room in the house including the bathroom. Exposed slate creates a rustic feel and is super chic.

  4. The Fireplace
    Is it time to update the look of your fireplace? Brick isn’t your only option. You can also install slate tiles around the area. Slate is heat, flame resistant and you won’t have to worry about soot building up on the tiles.

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