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Take a moment and think of a place that has a really beautiful design. It is clear that the owners of the building took time to think about the paint, architecture, decorations, and furniture in this place. Now focus in on the paint. What paint colors did they choose? Why do you believe they choose those paint colors? Well, there is no need to wonder how they did it because we will teach you how to properly pick your paint colors in five easy steps:  

Step One: Design The Room. 

The last thing you want to do is paint your room before you are finishing designing it. We know that it is frustrating to have to wait to paint your space because it is a big and exciting step, but we encourage you to wait. Take time to decorate and design your entire space before you apply a single coat of paint. 

Step Two: Get Inspired. 

Since you waited to paint your room, you can take a piece from your room as inspiration. You can find even more inspiration from rooms online. Just take some time to get a feel for what you are looking for before you jump right into selecting a paint color. 

Step Three: Test It. 

Before you buy all of your paint, buy some testers to try out on a section in your room. You will want to try them out in an area that gets direct sunlight and an area that gets no sunlight to see the difference. The couple of bucks you will spend on testers is well worth it before committing to a paint color. 

Step Four: Choose a Sheen. 

There are different types of sheen available for homeowners. You can choose from flat, flat enamel, eggshell enamel, satin enamel, semi-gloss enamel, or hi-gloss enamel. If you are unsure of which would look best, do not be afraid to ask for advice from a sales representative.

Step Five: Let It Flow. 

You will want your rooms to all flow together; therefore, choose paint colors that go together with other rooms throughout your home. Make the transition easy on the eyes by making a palette that goes well together. 

Paint can really tie together an entire room and so can flooring. Have you been thinking about replacing your current flooring? We would love to help you! Come and visit one of our beautiful showrooms to see all of your flooring possibilities.   

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