Four Things an Interior Designer Won’t Tell You

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Are you thinking of hiring an interior designer to create the home of your dreams? Of course, making the decision to seek professional help with decorating your home is not an easy one, especially if you are working within a budget. If you are curious about how the entire process works, we have got you covered! Here are some things you should know about hiring or even working with a design professional. 

4 Things an Interior Designer Won’t Tell You:

1. Design a Single Room or Revamp a House.

What many people do not know is that you can hire a design professional to decorate a single room in your house or design your entire home together with their talents. Their job is to work within your set budget. While many design professionals are often contracted to work on large projects, you can still hire one if you have a smaller budget/project. So do not be afraid to hire an interior designer whether you are building a new home, redesigning a renovation or re-furnishing a whole house.

2.  Interior Designers Make Sure You Reach Building Codes.

A certified interior designer can do more than just decorate or take care of the aesthetics of your home. Designers with the appropriate certifications are required to know current building codes, state safety regulations, and other laws. This is imperative because they will need to make sure that their designs do not affect such standards to ensure your safety.  

3. They Work with Your Vision.

With interior designers, do not expect a cookie cutter design. The goal of a professional interior designer is to work with your vision and expand it. Their job is to listen to you, assess your desires and needs and then come up with an original design that matches what you have in mind. Professional designers work with a large range of styles and they are always eager to create something unique. 

4. Interior Designers Go Through Training and Educational Process.

Believe it or not, most professional interior designers have to go through rigorous training. They also receive a formal education; therefore, you can use certifications to determine if they are qualified enough to take on your project. Be sure to check if their education matches up with what they do for a living. 

While interior designers are masters at decorating your home, we are professionals in the flooring industry. Let us help you re-envision your space with brand new flooring! Stop in today at one of our beautiful showrooms or call us for more information and pricing. We look forward to working with you! 

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