How to Survive a Kitchen Remodel

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Unfortunately, life can get a little disrupted during a kitchen remodel. To help you conquer the obstacles of a kitchen remodel, we created a five-step guide for surviving a kitchen remodel. Let us get started!  

How to Survive a Kitchen Remodel

1. Designate a Substitute Kitchen Area.

During the remodel, your kitchen will be out-of-use. You can prepare a makeshift kitchen in a separate area of your house. You want to find an area that is free of any dust and dirt particles caused by the construction. Move a microwave, coffeemaker, conventional oven, and mini fridge into this dust-free area to make your substitute kitchen usable. You will also want to move a small table into the space for preparing and eating meals. Lastly, be sure to only use paper plates and plastic silverware so that you will not need wash dishes. 

2. Prepare for Delays.

Materials will be delivered on different schedules and sometimes there are delays. In order to stay sane, you will want to prepare in advance for unforeseen delays. 

3. Wait until Everything is Delivered.

An expert tip that interior designers want you to know is “wait to begin the remodel until everything is delivered.” That includes your counters, floors, cabinets, etc. If you wait, your contractor will be able to knock the project out faster than if they need to wait around for everything to be delivered separately. 

4. Be Flexible.

Remodels can be frustrating and you need to be prepared that some things may not go as according to plan. Even though you may have hired the best contractor, things can get disrupted, fast. Be flexible and willing to discuss any outcomes with your contractor. They are here to help you through the rough patches in the remodel. 

5. Get a Schedule.

Even though we recommend being flexible, you will want to get a general schedule from your contractor. Ask them to provide you with a schedule to let you know what is happening when. This way you can be aware of the current situation in your kitchen. 

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