Professional Design Tips & Tricks

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Want to learn how to decorate your space like a professional? Get a sneak peek at the design secrets that professional interior designers use on their projects. Let’s take a look!

Six Pro-Design Tips & Tricks

1. Color Me Happy. 

Professional interior designers start with a color scheme before they begin a room. This can be a useful tip for homeowners looking to redesign their space. If there is an item that you would love to incorporate, base your color scheme off of that object. For example, if you have a blue vase that you want in your living room, shape the rest of the room’s design off of that vase to create a beautiful look. 

2. Show What Makes You Proud.

If you have an antique piece that you adore, make it the focal point of the room. Homeowners tend to hide their cherished possessions, but you should try to incorporate it into the room’s decor. Interior designers recommend that you add your antique pieces into the room’s design instead of hiding them away for no one to see. 

3. Mirror, mirror: 

Mirrors are one of our favorite decorative pieces for several reasons. They can open up a space, brighten a room, and add dimension to a smaller area. Try incorporating a mirror into your room’s design for a timeless look. 

4. Neutralize. 

Designers love neutral colors in rooms because they do not take away from certain aspects in the room. Begin decorating your room with neutral colors then slowly add in pops of color for a subtle design. 

5. Do Not Discriminate. 

Most homeowners decide on using either silver or gold but they never want to us both. Interior designers tend to disagree with this thought process. They encourage the use of both silver and gold in your space, but you cannot overuse one and underuse the other one. The key to perfect symmetry is to use them equally throughout your design. 

6. Size matters.

You do not want to cram objects into a space that simply will not fit. Take some time before you buy to measure the room and the pieces of your furniture you want to put in it. If you have short ceilings, buy shorter furniture. It is that easy. The smaller furniture will make your room look bigger and give you more wiggle room. 

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