Should I Invest in an Area Rug?

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While we all love the look of hardwood floors, there is nothing quite like the softness of a rug. Plus, area rugs can be used in any room in the house including the bathroom and kitchen areas. If you were considering investing in some quality area rugs, here are some reasons why you should take the leap. 
Reasons Why You Should Invest in an Area Rug: 
  • Adds Comfort.
Your home should be a comfortable oasis, especially in areas like the living room where you will be entertaining guests. An area rug placed in the middle of the living room between the sofa and under your coffee table adds warmth to the space and make it so much more comfortable. Specific rooms in the home such as the bathroom and the bedroom will especially benefit from a large area rug during the winter months. For spaces where the children play such as the family room or the nursery, you should use an area rug for added support. 
  • A Hint of Style.
Of course, an area rug can be used as a design element. Rugs instantly add color, texture, and pattern to any space. In a room with a neutral palette that lacks visual interest, an area rug featuring an intricate design or pattern can be a conversation piece. If you are renting a home or living in an apartment, a quality area rug allows you to freshen your decor without painting your walls. Be sure to select an area rug that compliments the design scheme of the room.
  • Super Versatile.
Area rugs are extremely versatile. You can move them into different rooms and areas within a space to switch them out when you get tired of the looking at them. If you enjoy changing up your decor frequently, area rugs allow you to do so without making a hefty investment.
  • Creates Boundaries.
If you have an open concept floor plan, your home will benefit from well-placed area rugs. Area rugs create definition and boundaries. You can use them to separate spaces according to function.
  • Maintenance.
Unlike wall to wall carpeting, which can be difficult to keep clean, most area rugs can be easily thrown into the washer every few months. 
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