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Light is only a small part of the electromagnetic spectrum which we can visually see. It allows us to identify objects through color and sight. Colors and light contribute a vital role to our development and well-being. This is why color and light can directly correlate with how we feel and give us energy. Designers have been captivated by the power of light in homes for centuries and have been incorporating its importance more and more into design. If your home is not well lit, it can give a dreary, unmotivating feel to it. 
There are different categories of lights to integrate into your home, and we put together a list of the top three lighting option to include into your space for a more positive, well-lit atmosphere.
  • Ambient Lighting
This is your general source of light in every room. This light is your soft glow, main light that illuminates the space. Ambient lighting should set the mood of your room, but its primary purpose is to provide enough light to maneuver yourself around your room with ease. This can be used in your room as a chandelier, rail lighting, wall sconces, or pendant lights. Be careful of making your ambient lighting too harsh. Its primary purpose is to softly blanket the atmosphere, not to overpower it.
  • Task Lighting
This is the lighting you will use to brighten up work areas. You can put reading lamps by chairs or above workstations. Use this lighting near a desk or in your kitchen workspace. The goal of this light is for more detailed work like reading or preparing food to be done with ease. You can even have these lights recessed under cabinets to project light on your countertops or invest in some floor lamps.
  • Accent Lighting
Think of accent lighting as a concentrated light to allure someone’s attention. This is predominately associated with museum lighting used to highlight display/pieces of artwork in a collection. Incorporate this lighting in your home to accentuate furniture or paintings. This is most common during holiday seasons such as wrapping a Christmas tree in lights. This lighting is meant to evoke the importance of pieces in the room.
All lighting is essential to creating a room’s atmosphere; however, it is necessary to find balance. Try to encapsulate all the genres of lighting in your home to make your space feel more lively and free-flowing. Do not let lights that are meant to soft-lit feel overpowering as well as you do not want to find yourself underutilizing the power of accent and task lighting. Balance is always essential when designing your space.

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