The Forgotten Color

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When you think of the colors of the rainbow, is indigo the first color that comes to your mind? For some reason, this color gets forgotten from people’s original thought of colors to add to their homes, but this is an excellent, cool tone with luxurious depth that can enhance the atmosphere of your room. Pulling the benefits from both blue and purple this mysterious yet tranquil color is a great decorating staple to be added to your home.
A Rich, Stand Alone Tone
Indigo is a great color because it can work all by its self to create a rich accent tone in the room. Its dark nature gives a dramatic pop against neutral colors while not clashing with darker tones like blacks and browns. You can stay within the dark spectrum of indigo, or you can even go with lighter tints to help brighten up the atmosphere while keeping it elegant.
Ambiance of Indigo
Indigo, being between purple and blue on the color spectrum, has many of the benefits from both colors. The color indigo is considered a natural, visionary cool tone. It is associated with an increase in concentration and imagination. It borrows character traits from blue by making an atmosphere feel more tranquil and cooling. This calm tone also takes properties of mystery and creativity from the color purple. Using this color in your home has an introspective purpose and can really enhance your room’s overall ambiance.
You can also use indigo as a great accent color with many different hues. It can be mixed in with warm tones to be a hard accent, or it can be subtler by being mixed into a cooler toned room. Indigo is a very welcoming color which compliments greys and golds tremendously. Another powerful property of this accent color is that it can be incorporated in almost any design theme from modern to rustic or eclectic to nautical. This is a great accent come with substantial components of natural colors. 
So, if you are looking to put a splash of color in your room, consider indigo. It has been a forgotten color but provides a powerful impact in the design field. This great accessorizing color adds style to a room while providing a unique and luxurious pop.

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