Choosing The Perfect Grout

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Remodeling can be exciting but, sometimes, all the little decisions can feel overwhelming. Adding paint and flooring is one of the quickest ways to transform a room during a remodel. Depending on your design theme, you may select a different flooring to accomplish a different look. For example, tile is a great way to add elegance and class to a space. Choosing the right grout can be challenging but a great way to make or break a room’s design; however, do not let this task intimidate you. We put together our top three ways to determine what is the best grout for any application. Let’s take a look! 
  • Solid
Solid colored tiles are usually the easiest style to pick the correct grout.  Matching the color as close as possible is typically the default technique but choosing a shade lighter or darker can help with the room’s color theme.  Lighter colors on smaller tiles can help open up the room and make the illusion that it is bigger, whereas going a shade darker may make a room feel smaller and more condensed.  On the other hand, dark colors can hide dirt easier so consider what values are more important to you and the overall space of your space. 
  • Mosaics Glass
With glass tile, it is best to go with a neutral color.  Neutral tones like beiges or tans can allow the glass to be a focal point of the room and not feel overpowered by the grout color. White and black are also excellent choices to use in your home with mosaic tiles.  These neutral do not affect the room’s color theme and can allow for a hard contrast to help your tiles to pop. 
  • Patterned Tile
Patterned tiles give you the freedom of matching any color found within the design.  A neutral-toned grout can be ideal for allowing all colors to shine in the design.  Plus, neutral grout colors are great for cool or warm toned tiles. Applying a neutral grout for patterns is always a safe route if you do not want to decide on just one color from the tile’s design. 
When selecting the perfect grout, do not feel overwhelmed. For solids, try to find the closest matching color possible.  Remember neutrals are always a safe option as well. For more tips and tricks, visit us at Century Tile.

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