Useful Tips for a Mudroom

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Mudrooms are an extremely useful area in a household, and they serve an essential purpose to the overall construct of a home. Without mudrooms and entryways, homeowners would have dirt and debris tracked throughout their house without a stopping point. If you blessed with the space for a mudroom or front entryway, we have eight expert tips to help you make it an effective area in your home. Let us get started!

Useful Tips for a Mudroom:

  • Consolidate The Mud + Dirt.

The best way to keep dirt and mud out of the rest of your home is by consolidating it to one central location. When using your mudroom, you want to make sure you take advantage of a wet shoe bin. Whether your shoes are covered in mud or snow, the bin will collect the unwanted dirt and debris. This way you and your family do not track any excess dirt into the rest of your home.

  • A Place to Tie Your Shoes.

It is always a good idea to have a place to sit down inside of a mudroom. You can add a pair of chairs or even incorporate a bench. Once you add a seating area, it will give you a place to tie your shoes and even take off your boots.

  • Get Hooked.

Hooks are a mudroom’s best friend. They can be used as wall decor as well as a functional staple piece. Be sure to add hooks to your walls for extra storage.

  • Minimize On-Display Items.

Speaking of hooks, we want to be sure that we do not overbear the walls with coats and purses. Just because we own ten pairs of coats, does not mean they need to be on display. Instead, we recommend only having a light selection of outwear and handbags out in the mudroom. Store all of your other jackets and bags inside of your mudroom closet.

  • Store Seasonal Items.

Seasonal items can be stored away until they are needed. Whether it is winter or summer, you can store the out-of-season items in a hall closet or basement until the weather changes.

  • Gate The Entrance.

If you have a furry friend that tends to get muddy when they go outside, we recommend installing a gate at the entrance of your mudroom. This way, when your dog comes in from outside, they will be stopped at the gate until you have the chance to wipe their feet.

  • Wipe Your Feet.

Not only is wiping your pet’s feet important, but it is essential that you and your family also have a place to wipe your feet. Be sure to place a doormat outside of your mudroom’s front entrance to avoid tracking. Inform your family that you would like them to take off their dirty shoes on the mat then carefully walk them over to the wet shoe bin.

  • Choose an Appropriate Flooring.

The last useful tip for mudrooms is selecting the most appropriate flooring option. With a wide selection available to the consumer, things can often get confusing and a little overwhelming. But fear not, because we have an expert sales team ready to answer any of your questions or concerns. Stop in today for more information and pricing.

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