How to Decorate with Copper

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Metallics are super trendy this year; however, copper has taken on a life of its own. Unlike silver, which is sleek and contemporary or gold, which is associated with a more traditional style, copper is fresh, modern, and warms up a space. If you are ready to do something different with your home’s decor, you may want to consider hopping onto the copper bandwagon. There are many ways you can incorporate it into your home’s decor. To help you master them all, here are three must-know design tricks:

Copper Fixtures

The most popular way of using this hue in your home is to install copper fixtures. For example, in your kitchen, you can swap out your fixtures such as the cabinet knobs and the faucet for something that features copper. These simple changes can really make a big statement. What about the living room? Copper lighting fixtures are manufactured in an array of styles and sizes. For a dramatic effect, we suggest a pendant copper lighting fixtures. Pendant lights are suspended from the ceiling and can hang over a piece of furniture. Add more interest to the space by utilizing several copper light fixtures. Warm copper tones also complement wood and marble flooring, and this hue adds a pop against white wall treatments.

Copper Accessories

You can get wrong with a few well-placed copper accessories. This is a simple and subtle way to have fun with copper. From vases, trays, lamps, and pillows, copper accessories can serve as an accent to your color theme. Try placing an intricate copper trinket on the bookshelf, the bathroom, or even your home office for an added twist. Just watch how much style it brings to the space. However, when using copper has an accent through accessories, make you do not overdo it. Too many copper accessories in one room can take away from the look.

Copper Furniture

If you are really ready to take a leap, you should invest in quality copper furniture. You can find a copper coffee table, dining chairs, dressers, and host of other types of furniture in many home decor outlets. Be sure to purchase pieces that have classic shapes so that your items will outlast the trend.

How would you use copper in your home design? Let us know in the comment section!

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