Pros and Cons of Cement Encaustic Tile

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Cement or concrete tile is nothing new to the industry. This style is made from marble, cement, and mineral pigments placed into a mold. A frame of the design is then inserted into the mold to allow the designs and patterns to be colored. The cement is then added. However, they are not baked like traditional clay-based tiles. They are hydraulically pressed with 2,000lbs of pressure to create a solid tile. These beautiful tiles are unique and exceptionally aesthetically pleasing. However, every tile comes with its pros and cons. Here are the main pros and cons to consider before purchasing cement encaustic tiles:


These beautiful tiles come in a large variety of colors, patterns, and designs. They work great with almost any themed home! It is a natural material which also allows each tile to age with the house. It can give the product a very lived-in feel over time with the investment. These pressed tiles are also very thick and durable. The color runs deep into each tile, so even if they chip, you will still be able to see your pattern.


These concrete tiles are usually thicker than most ceramic, porcelain, or glass tile options. This means that you may need a reducer transition leading out of where this is installed. Also, being thicker can mean more weight for backsplashes. Make sure your walls can handle the weight of the tile prior to your investment. Concrete is also very porous, which means liquids can penetrate it and stain the tiles. This can be prevented, however, by adding the proper sealant. Remember, you will have a little more maintenance now and will need to reapply sealant once or twice a year. These tiles can begin to age or wear, which looks great when achieved evenly. However, in high traffic areas, they can begin to show traffic marking over time.

All in all, these tiles look great! There is a reason they have become so popular in homes and business. The look these tiles have to offer is exceptionally aesthetically-pleasing and can enhance any environment. Ask your sales representative if these tiles are right for you by contacting us today!

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