Refresh Your Design for Summertime

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Whether you are just moving into a new home or planning on sprucing up your current home’s design this summer, there are thousands of avenues to take for home improvements.  Some projects can help improve your space with simple décor pieces and other smaller investments, whereas a full-out remodel can really allow you to let your home shine.  That being said, whether you are redecorating, remodeling, or renovating your home, we gathered some different projects to help refresh your design and embrace the effortless look of summertime. Let’s take a look!

Focus on Flooring

To quickly spruce up your flooring, you will want to invest in an area rug.  You can find all kinds of patterns and colors to match your home’s design.  Plus, if you are looking for a high-quality piece, you can order or select a remnant to be bound into the perfect sized rug for your home.  You will be amazed by how effective an area rug can change the dynamic of any space. Additionally, hard surface flooring like luxury vinyl or tile can be the perfect summer remedy for beach days, mudrooms off of pools, and dirt from hikes. These easy to clean and maintain flooring options are the perfect choice for active homeowners who want flooring as stylish as it is durable.

Count on Countertops

Do not miss out on the opportunity to style your gorgeous countertops with decorative pieces. By adding decor to your countertops, you can highlight their beauty without taking away from them. Additionally, you can utilize beautiful countertop solutions like Quartz, Marble, or Granite to spruce up your design. These gorgeous countertops are as beautiful as they are durable. Quartz is a well-loved, superb countertop option that is non-porous and easy to maintain, whereas, Granite is a natural stone that features a timeless, classic look and is loved for its heat-resistant and low-maintenance properties. Marble is another stunning, luxurious countertop choice that features a veiny, highly-desirable look that instantly adds style and charm to any space. From Granite to Quartz to Marble, countertop styles and looks are truly endless and can refresh any kitchen or bathroom design this summer.

Color Me ‘Refreshed’

Another powerful tool you can use is paint.  Color is one of the most effective ways to convey a feeling or mood into an atmosphere.  Consider using pastel colors to keep a neutral feel while helping to brighten up your home. They will reflect natural light and help your atmosphere to feel soft and open.

Refresh Your Atmosphere

Refreshing your home’s atmosphere can be simple tactics to spice up your interior design.  They do not need to be elaborate investments or changes to the blueprint of the house for them to be worthwhile.  To help you find the perfect balance for your own home, we broke it down into several categories to look at when refreshing your space.  Try adding some of these to your home to enhance the summer appeal.

‘Wall,’ Hello There

An easy way to refresh your space this summer is by adding pictures to your walls.  Pictures can say a thousand words and can help enhance a theme in a room. If you already have images, you can swap them out with summertime classics to captivate the free-spirit, effortless vibe we admire about summer days. Simply store your winter/fall photos in a bin, and swap them out with light and airy artwork for a fresh look.

Delightful Décor

Let’s be honest; we all love décor.  Whether it is scented candles or soft throw blankets, every homeowner leans more towards a particular piece. But if you find yourself limited, try adding flair to a space with homey decor pieces. Curtains, throw pillows, and shelving décor can give a room a theme and make the design feel deliberate.  Just be sure to find a common theme and allow your décor to complement each other.

With all of these design elements, your home can embrace the light and airy vibe that we admire about summertime while encapsulating the homey attributes you always wanted. Thanks for reading!

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