What Is Encaustic Tile?

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Tile can add a stunning look to any room while giving it a more elegant, sophisticated, and luxurious feel. There are many beautiful tiles available on the market today, but the attractive look of encaustic tile has been sweeping the market. Encaustic tile is a concrete tile with designs or patterns painted into them with beeswax-based paint. The word encaustic translates “to burn” from Greek. With influxes throughout the history of their popularity, they have once again gained popularity on the market once again, today as a porcelain tile.

Encaustic Tile History

Encaustic tiles were very popular during Henry the Eighth’s reign and later during the Gothic Revival Era. Encaustic tiles were made of clay and typically referred to as inlaid tiles throughout history. However, during the Victorian Era, the name was mistakenly used to identify ceramic tiles that replicated the patterns used on authentic encaustic tiles. These tiles were not created using wax, yet today we have adopted the concept into cement and ceramic tiles as well.


Even though encaustic means “to burn,” not all encaustic tiles are heated today. Cement tiles are compressed and not heated. The designs and colors are hand-poured into the molds. After they have been compressed, they are treated with coats of sealers to protect them. Ceramic encaustic tiles can come two ways: glazed or unglazed. Being made from clays, these typically are set to more earthy tones and less lavish colors.

Pattern Variety

Encaustic tiles have very tradition styles giving homage to their original look yet can also come in very modern looking styles as well. With cement tiles, you can also have different pigments added to give a large color variety. With such an extensive range, these tiles can work great in any commercial or resident space to enhance your design.

As this style remerges, homebuyers and business are craving to get their hands on these beautiful tiles. If you are looking to add a very creative backsplash or beautiful flooring, consider encaustic tiles. They add an artisan’s touch to any space and design.

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