Painting 101

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As spring approaches, homeowners and businesses have been cooped inside too long. It is time to freshen up and rejuvenate your atmosphere, and there is no better way to completely revamp an area like painting it. In fact, wall-to-wall paint is an excellent way to change the entire feel and design style of a room because colors are extremely influential on our emotions. For instance, painting a room red will feel completely different than painting it beige. Painting is not only affordable, but it is easy enough that anyone can do it. Here is what you need to do:

Prep Work

Nothing is more critical to the outcome of the final project as much as prep work. To begin, use painter tape and tape off the ceiling and the baseboard. Remove all outlet covers and light switch covers. Remove pictures, curtains, and furniture as well during this time. This step is also a great time to patch any holes in your walls.


A primer will allow your final paint coat to turn out the best. Each coat can take several hours to dry, so be sure to prime each wall thoroughly. Your prime should eliminate the prior layer of paint behind it. This step will prevent the old paint from bleeding through into your new paint color.


After your primer has dried completely, you can now begin painting. This step can be exciting, but do not rush it! Add two to three coats of paint and allow to dry completely. This whole project can take several days. Once dried, you can put back all your outlet covers and light covers. You can also touch up any areas where you see flaws at this time.

Paint is a fantastic way to upgrade and enhance your home. Be creative and add a new color. You can do several rooms at once to help between dry time. You may want to tarp carpet or flooring to prevent spills or drips. From more home improvement tricks and tips, make sure to subscribe.

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