Design Challenged? We Have Your Back

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Need to upgrade some things in your home? Getting some money back from Uncle Sam? Are you decorating challenged? Did you know that Century Tile has an entire section of our website dedicated to design resources?

It’s true. Click here and you’ll discover how easy it is to pick new flooring, tile or carpet. Use our virtual room designer to upload a photo of a room in your home. It’s so simple. Just take a digital picture of your own room, upload it, and within 48 hours you will be able to see how different floor coverings and paint colors can make your room look new again.

Take our lifestyle quiz and learn what types of products would work well in your home. Use our notes function to keep detailed notes about your project from design ideas and product specifications to questions you want to remember to ask us!

Take advantage of “Ask the Designer” – our designer can help you find the right design solution for your home improvement projects. Go to the Designers Corner to learn about decorating styles and design perspectives.

Explore our beautiful gallery of floors. Get to know every detail about hardwood, ceramic or carpet.

And finally, come and meet Pete the Pro. Pete Lettecci aka “Pete the Pro” has installed ceramic tile for over 30 years. Since 1995 he has shared his knowledge and experience training our staff and conducting 240 customer installation-training seminars each year. We have videos from Pete the Pro on the website as well as a section where you can ask him questions directly. We would love to help!


Save Your Back and Your Pocketbook

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Wintertime is just around the corner. While there are so many lovely things about winter, sparkly snow, skaters, mittens, frost glazed windows and curling up by the fireplace; there is also the freezing temperatures, snow and ice which can cause wear and tear to your home, especially to your roof and gutters. What’s a homeowner to do?

Nuheat has just introduced its Freeze Protection line of regulating cables to help prevent burst pipes and ice damage. Even better for those of us who hate to shovel, they also have slab cables to melt snow and ice on walkways and driveways.

Winter is fast approaching so if you are interested in saving your back and your pocketbook check out the following facts:

Nuheat Freeze Protection Fast Facts:

• Self-regulating heating cables manufactured by Fujikura

• Prevents ice dams and dangerous icicle build-up

• Protects roofs and gutters from harsh winter weather

• Prevents burst pipes during cold snaps

• Melts snow and ice on walkways and driveways

• Industry leading 10-year warranty

All Nuheat freeze protection products can be controlled using a variety of thermostats, controllers, sensors and control panels.

To add Nuheat’s cables to your roof before the weather is at its worst please ask us for more information or learn more about this system at

Staying Educated to Serve You Better

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On a recent trip Laticrete’s training center in Bethany, CT a large group of the Century Tile team attended what is called a “PTK” seminar. This is a super intensive training course about Laticrete materials. What is neat about this event is a portion of the time is devoted to “hands on” learning.

Why are we telling you this? We pride ourselves on having the most knowledgeable team in order to serve you better. When we say our people are trained, that includes more then the lecture and textbook stuff. This means they have actually had an opportunity to use and install the products Laticrete sells us. We feel that it is much easier to talk from experience, because you can draw on what you learned. We take the time to do things like this so we can help you by relating on a different level.

Another plus is Laticrete gets to hear first hand some of the challenges we hear about; problems you may have had while attempting a tile installation. The experts are there to provide the answers or develop a new product. It is a big “think tank”….all designed to help you.

As a bonus, Century people who attend establish a very unique bond. They are all from different stores and all have different sales techniques and questions. By spending time together and with these experts, we hope we can be more helpful and knowledgeable for you. The group got a sneak peek at the new epoxy system that will they will be field testing. How cool is that? (we think it’s cool :))

Feel free to come in and test us. We’d love to wow you with our knowledge!

What’s New With Century: New Store Manager

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What’s new with Century Tile? First and most exciting, we have the first woman store manager in the history of the company. Christina (aka Christy) Carlson is a long time Century employee who began with us over 18 years ago. She is a graduate of Illinois State University and has extensive training in a wide breath of products. More importantly she understands the installation process and can put it in terms that anyone can understand.

Prior to being awarded the manager position she worked as an assistant manager at our Mt. Prospect store since 2005. She was a star performer there and was recognized in our half million and three quarter million sales club. More recently she gained CCTS ( Certified Ceramic Tile Salesperson) and is qualified in CAD architectural renderings.

What she brings to the table is the female perspective of design and construction. She can help you with the commercial project as well as finding the perfect material for a bathroom or kitchen. Visit Christina or give her a call at 630-637-1600.

Replacement Floors

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As you may know, we have had a tremendous amount of rain in our area. Many rivers, lakes and waterways have caused flooding conditions. Basements are like swimming pools. We are all just sick over the flooding that has occurred. We spoke to a woman last week who is saddened by the loss of many of her personal items….things that she can’t replace.

We want you to know that we are here to help make the replacement process for flooded floors as painless as possible.

On the bright side of things there are materials that can weather these unexpected conditions. Ceramic is a great solution. It durable, easy to clean and can withstand huge amounts of water, especially when installed on concrete. Ceramic floors can look like wood, marble and even granite. Consideration should strongly be given to ceramic as a replacement alternative, especially in those homes that are prone to water issues. Century Tile has new patterns arriving everyday and are ready to help with your replacement challenges.

Please let us know how we can help.

What Our Price Labels Tell You

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At Century Tile, we pride ourselves on making your shopping experience the best it can be. That’s why we developed our exclusive pricing labels. Take a look at our labels and what we’ve done to help simplify things for you!