Erinn Valencich Interior Designer/Style Expert, “As Seen On HGTV”

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Erinn Valencich

Interior Designer/Style Expert, “As Seen On HGTV”

Interior designer/style expert Erinn Valencich is known for her elegant, glamorous, contemporary style. In addition to her work as an interior designer/style expert, Erinn has hosted several specials for “HGTV”. Erinn owns a multi-faceted design company in California, has designed rooms for numerous celebrities, and currently serves as the designer partner for Quick-Step flooring. Appearing on “The View” and in many design publications, such as House Beautiful, Home, and Better Homes & Gardens, Erinn continually brings her style inspiration and design tips to those wanting to create spaces that are fun, elegant, and livable.

In her design seminars, Erinn is currently focused on teaching consumers how to express their personal creativity and make their homes more beautiful, while staying within a budget. One of the most popular national mainstream design trends right now is the “room lift”. Rather than trading up to bigger, better homes or embarking on expensive, whole-house remodels, today’s consumers simply want new ideas on how to “refresh” their homes  quickly, easily, and affordably. During her seminars, Erinn walks attendees through effective design techniques to achieve “big style through small changes”. Her effective “room lift” changes show how to easily and affordably breathe new life and design flair into any room.

As an interior designer, Erinn is also keenly interested in the “live-ability of design”. She believes a home should be stylish, but also enjoyable to live in. One of her core design principles is that “Beautiful Rooms Are Meant To Be Lived In”. Erinn teaches others how to select materials that provide design freedom, yet still stand up to today’s busy lifestyles and continue looking great with little maintenance.

Many consumers struggle with how to most effectively use color in their homes. Erinn provides practical advice on the use of a stunning variety of colors and styles, as well as several other key design principles. Her room lift tips also include easy, affordable DIY changes that are within the skill level of the average homeowner.

As Quick-Step flooring’s designer partner, Erinn supports Quick-Step dealers and customers through frequent participation in retail events and free design seminars. Her style insight and helpful hints are woven throughout the Quick-Step merchandising program, to help consumers during their selection process. Erinn has also selected some of her favorite Quick-Step products to recommend as “Designer’s Choice” products.

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