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Floating the Idea of Floating Furniture

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10293098_SFloating furniture might sound like we’re talking about pool floats, but we’re talking about moving furniture away from the walls.  Why is it we like to line up our furniture around the perimeter of a room and leave the middle empty?  Are we hosting Zumba parties in the empty space in the middle of our living rooms?  Probably not.  While floating furniture in the middle of the room might not be new to you, there are ways to do it successfully and not so successfully.  This living room is a good example of a room that almost gets it right.

Elements this living room does successfully include having the furniture focused around the center of the room.  Having the two couches face each other, allows for a great conversational area, but the seating area is also focusing in on the fireplace and television.  Using an area rug to center and ground the furniture is another good thing.  The rug extends beyond the sofa and makes the seating area feel larger.

The two sofas and chairs not seen in the image help to create a balanced room. The larger ottoman that can be used as a coffee table seems similar in size to both sofas.  Using a smaller centerpiece in this room could be beneficial as far as aesthetics go.

One tricky thing with floating seating arrangements is where to put the lighting.  You have to be strategic with lighting sources because you don’t want to have cords running throughout the room.  This particular living room has overhead lighting.

Decorating the Formal Dining Room

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10292857_SFor most of us, the holidays are one of the few times in the year when we use our formal dining rooms for family meals. With the trend to dens, home offices and open floor plans, many newer homes do not have a formal dining room. Decorating a formal dining room or a dining area in a traditional style is a lovely way to create a special feeling for family gatherings and holiday meals.

This dining room has many lovely traditional design features that give it a formal feeling. You can capture the formal feeling even if your dining room opens onto your kitchen or entryway. Painting the walls or a focal wall is one way to give your dining room a formal or traditional feeling. Installing molding is an easy DIY project. Embellishing the area below the chair rail with molding or batten and board can bring traditional style to the wall.  Painting the area below the chair rail a lighter color than the wall above would be another very traditional element.

Traditional style dining chairs and table are a must for a formal dining room.  The style of these chairs is a classic choice. Other formal touches could be added in wall sconces or a chandelier above the table.  Curtains to frame the window give the window a finished look.  Even panels flanking the large window would work, too.  An area rug under the table is also traditional element that would add pattern and color to the room.

Let the Shadows Play a Part

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Why is this room so beautiful? Most designers want lights to chase any shadows away and allow the colors to stand out. This room, however, is all about one source of light and the shadows it creates.

What happens when you just let the light make its own way into a room? It doesn’t always work, but in this case the wall-sized window becomes its own focal point.

You can look at the view which even on this foggy day shows itself to be amazing. How about getting comfortable on the inviting sofa? Or maybe you might want to sit in the dining chair in the foreground and appreciate the play of light and shadow this room casts.

The window is the strongest light source, but the glossy floor comes in at a close second. Despite its dark pitch, this rich wood choice grabs the light and reflects it well into the middle of the room.

The lines of certain furniture pieces pick up the window light and the floor’s reflection to add the sort of interest designers generally rely on color to provide. Notice the unusual curved seat in the middle of the room just inches from the zebra-patterned rug. These same curves appear on the arms of the chair by the window. The dining chair’s swirling spindles also echo in the candle holder on the left silhouetted against the window’s light.

Does your home take advantage of light and shadow the way this one does? What can you do to let shadows play a part in your home’s design?

Small Changes Make a Big Difference

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This living room has some very appealing features, but a few bad decisions damage its overall design potential.

The sofa, pillows and art work extremely well together. Color, proportion and layout create an inviting look. The simple plant on the left also adds just the right touch.

The rug and coffee table almost seem to be part of another room. By having the rug and coffee table perpendicular to the sofa, the room feels awkward. The relatively simple appearance of the sofa and art are overpowered by the strong design on the rug and over-accessorized coffee table.

From a functional aspect, the coffee table would be uncomfortable to use for drinks because it is too far from the sofa and has a long slot facing in that direction.

Just a few changes would help this room look and work better. Against the concrete floor, a warm rug with more color would add personality. There are elements of blue and yellow in the artwork, and either or both of those colors would work well. The coffee table would be fine if it was turned so the long side paralleled the sofa and the pile of kaleidoscopes were contained or organized.

The lamp pulls the room together and its silver finish keeps it from being intrusive. It adds an element of retro style to the room, an always interesting touch. This room feels adventurous and interesting, so by making these simple adjustments, it would also feel well-designed.

Making a Tough Situation Better

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When someone suddenly finds his or her mobility limited due to illness or an injury, even a month can seem like forever. A broken leg or a long recovery from a tough illness can force people to spend most of their time at home. As a friend or family member, you can make a difference in this difficult time.

Let’s start with the room or home itself. Chances are the patient will spend most of his or her time in the bedroom and maybe a sitting room. Are these rooms cheerful and inviting? Are the floors safe for someone with limited mobility to move across? Look to make sure area rugs are securely based with non-slip pads and the paths to bed, chair and bathroom are free of obstructions such as ottomans or tables. A few extra feet for someone who is not strong can seem like a long distance.

Make sure the patient’s waking hours have enough to fill them. Television, books and magazines are good entertainment. If the person is too weak for reading, recordings of stories, poems or music can help without demanding much energy.

Both patient and caregiver can benefit from a gift of food. Bring take-out from a favorite place for lunch or dinner. Bake homemade cookies or muffins. Stop at the donut shop on your way over for a visit. You’d be surprised how much of a treat this can be for someone who is house-bound.

Finally, stay in touch. If you don’t have time to visit, a quick phone call or email let’s people know you’re paying attention. There is no better gift you can give.

Pick Rug for Comfort

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Do your children love to spend time on the family-room floor, whether watching TV, playing games or just talking together? Are you a floor-sitter yourself? If so, it may be time to look at flooring for comfort as much as style.

Choosing an area rug with comfort in mind may seem unusual, but it can make a real difference for you and your family. A family room is really all about having everyone enjoy the space, and with a few simple decisions you can add to everyone’s pleasure.

To start, shop the rug’s pad. Look for one that is suitable to the flooring you have in your family room. Every type of flooring does better with a rug pad designed for it. Select the best quality pad you can afford; a comfortable rug starts with the pad.

Next, feel as well as look at any rugs you are considering. You may even want to bring a child along to stretch out on possible rug choices and give you a thumb up or down. Other issues such as allergies to wool may affect your choice of materials. A rug such as the one shown is very cozy thanks to the long thick yarn. However, even low-nap rugs can be comfortable if they are well constructed.

Once you’ve found the perfect rug, shop for a few large floor pillows to add even more comfort. Then stretch out on the floor with your family and enjoy yourself.

Light Room Sets Tone for Spring

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Spring green – that inviting yellow green of new leaves – brings this room into the feel of that season.

The design starts with the inviting whitewashed wood floor. Unlike the traditional dark tones, this floor creates a sense of light and space that is perfect for a room that speaks of spring.

The light green area rug provides one of the few touches of color in the room. Its texture echoes the grain in the flooring, creating personality and texture to compensate for a minimum of color. The only other permanent color featured in the room is the green of the houseplant on the side table. The natural-toned pot also connects with the soft straw tone of the small coffee table in front of the loveseat.

The rest of the furniture is white, with a touch of neutral silver in the lamp’s base. Even the walls and window coverings are white. Those window coverings keep the room light without a glare – very important when working on a computer.

A small room like this shines with the minimal use of color and an almost reckless addition of light. It has a warm and welcoming feeling, creating just the right environment for working with its sense of spring’s new beginnings – no matter the season outside.