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Decorating a Bathroom?

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Are decorating or redecorating a bathroom? Here are some vanity and countertop ideas to get your “inner designer” inspired.

Sometimes luxury simply means a sense of intimacy in a room. By placing this footed bath right in the middle of his-and-hers vanities, we know this certainly isn’t the guest bath. It’s a romantic little reminder this space has been customized for a couple who owns it. Beautiful exposed plumbing can look stunning against marble flooring, and soft romantic lighting will cast a warm glow.

For those of us who want more modern luxury, this bath shows off clean lines and lofty ceilings punctuated by beautiful details like lighter flooring choice and arch over the shower. This bathroom is simple and goes to show that you don’t need a lot of different things in a bathroom to make it luxurious.

Contrary to what they say, size doesn’t always matter. When it comes to luxury, the materials can make up for lack of space. A smaller powder room can be done up in high style with the right combination of textiles. ¬†Use a chandelier for lighting with a custom cabinetry which will make the the whole room feel rich in design.

Use some of these ideas to get your design juices flowing and create a bathroom you’ll love to get ready for the day in.


Stylish Green Bathrooms

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Check out these incredibly stylish bathrooms that are also “green” and eco-friendly.

Recycled glass tiles make this bathroom super chic.

A sustainable alternative to wood, bamboo makes beautiful cabinets and flooring.

Using storm-felled trees is another way to be eco-conscious with design.

Richlite, a paper-based fiber composite, and recycled glass mosaic tiles are used in this luxurious bathroom.

Add natural light via skylights.

For those of you who would like to add more eco elements to your bathrooms, please come into the store and let our staff help you with more design inspiration.