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Creating Custom Carpets

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It happens to many of us often, we comb every retail website and every store and still don’t find what you we’re looking for, especially while looking for carpets. Not every carpet can coordinate perfectly with your home décor that you painstakingly developed over the years. Suppose you need to find a carpet that will highlight your beautiful sofa perfectly, and none of the carpets you came across seem to be able to do the trick. What should you do when you just don’t seem find THE carpet you are looking for, anywhere? The answer is: design a carpet of your own! That is to say, create a custom carpet for your home.

Even the thought of a carpet, designed specifically for your home, seems exciting. Now you don’t have to worry about adjusting your furniture according to your carpet patterns. You can just hire our carpeting experts to help you design the floor of your dreams. You can sit with them and discuss in detail about every aspect of your new carpet, including the material, the design, color and its layout. They will also offer their expert suggestions about what will look best in your room, and you can choose from our extensive line of carpeting.

Creating a custom carpet gives your home a unique look, and imparts in your home a graceful appearance. A custom carpet is key in creating a home décor, where every element of the room blends and complements each other beautifully.

Today’s Kitchen: Inviting & Functional

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Every element in this kitchen was carefully selected to complement the complete design. The floor’s stone-like pattern echoes the lighter tones in the granite. The cabinets with their warm cream finish and light glaze also present those gold tones that warm the room. This is an increasingly popular look for today – simple style that still pays attention to details.

The most popular appliance finish choice is still stainless. Its ease of use – particularly with the range – combines with the look of a professional kitchen and has a strong appeal for serious cooks. Some are choosing to use doors that match the cabinets for larger elements in the room such as the refrigerator/freezer. Stainless refrigerator doors also often collect fingerprints from the family.

Granite countertops are still popular. They demonstrate a versatility and beauty that still works today. But take the time to investigate the other manmade solid surface options. These often combine a beauty of design with an easily-maintained style.

A relatively recent trend replaces lower cabinets with banks of drawers. With movable dividers, these drawers can handle anything from your big soup pot to your favorite set of dishes. Everything is easily visible and accessible, and most cooks find this option much more space-efficient.

Are you ready for a new kitchen? Before you make your final decisions, take the time to explore some of the many improvements in kitchen design and options over the last few years. You may be amazed at the potential for your kitchen in terms of both style and functionality.

Romantic Bedroom

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Warm and inviting, this room immediately creates a romantic mood. The flowers, the antique linens and painted furniture combine with the art and accessories to take you to another part of the world and even another time.

Whether for your bedroom or a guest room, the simple handmade feel of this room makes for a unique and even exotic space. What can you do to create this type of mood in your own home?

Start with the floor. The terra cotta color of the textured tile is reminiscent of old unglazed flooring common in Latin America. It sets the stage for a simple yet dramatic space. This room has a small area rug by the bed, but a larger rug or two in soft tones would work well, adding warmth and a sense of softness.

The bed is beautiful, clearly hand carved and painted. While it would be difficult and expensive to find or reproduce, any four-poster adds this sense of old world style. Finding a used bed frame and painting it would bring you close to the same look.

The linens are also unique, but comparable options are available in some linen stores. Antique and thrift shops can also carry this sort of thing. Don’t limit your search to bed linens. Both the canopy and bed cover could be created with handcrafted tablecloths.

This room’s architecture has plenty of personality. If your room is more standard, consider paint and art to add character. This may be the space to show off accessories acquired on your travels. With a little effort and thought, you can turn a typical bedroom into something more exotic and unique.