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Reader Question – How Do I Clean My Carpet?

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Q:  What are the best methods for cleaning my carpet so that it lasts a long time?

A:  Thanks for your question! This is a great inquiry because it’s one of the most discussed topics during consultations. The key to stellar maintenance of a carpeted floor is consistently caring for it on a set schedule. All too frequently people wait until there is a problem before they give carpet special attention. But those problems can typically be avoided if you tend to it regularly, and in doing so you’ll also get to enjoy it at its best on a daily basis. Here are the 4 key steps to keeping carpet in tip-top shape:

  • Vacuum frequently. This tip might sound obvious, but people typically get lazy about vacuuming after their initial excitement about the new floor has settled into familiarity. It’s critical to the life span of the carpet however because excessive debris that’s not removed consistently will dig its way into the deeper layers of the carpet and then be very hard to extract with a vacuum. How often should you vacuum? Very high traffic areas could be vacuumed daily and it wouldn’t be overdoing it. Moderate use areas should be vacuumed twice per week, and minimal use areas should be vacuumed twice per month.
  • Do scheduled maintenance. Also known as interim maintenance, this process is a surface level cleaning that is primarily intended to improve the appearance of the carpet.  It removes soil and rejuvenates the loft of the carpet. If you’re not sure how to do it, ask us because this is a very important second step to carpet care if you want the carpet to reach its life expectancy.
  • Deep clean. This refers to the standard process of cleaning the carpet thoroughly by way of steam cleaning or hot water extraction. This is an imperative part of care process because it’s the only method by which the most ground in dirt and debris can be removed. It also refreshes the carpet by helping to eliminate odors and stains that are set into the fibers. Always hire a professional for carpet cleaning in order to protect your carpet.
  • Spot removal. Remember the cardinal rule – spot and stain removal needs to happen immediately if possible! Allowing a stain to set and dry gives it the opportunity to saturate the fibers while wet and lock them in as it dries. Ask us about the best cleaning solution to use and how to spot treat the carpet.  This site is also a great resource for stains and spills. 

Does our answer to this question provide the information you were seeking? If not, leave us a comment and let us know what else you’d like us to share!

Clean your Carpet for the Holidays: Part 2

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Now that your carpet is clean, the next step is getting it dry as quickly as possible. If you don’t actively work on drying your carpeting, particularly in the winter or if you live in a high humidity area, you can end up with mold. But with a few temporary moves, you can have a dry carpet by the end of the day.

The best drying tool is your own heating system. Turn the heat up a few degrees and switch the fan on the thermostat from auto to on. This will keep your home venting to the outside whether the heat is running or not. Any other fans that vent to the outside in your baths or kitchen should also be turned on.

If you have ceiling fans, turn them on high. Place any portable fans you have in spots not otherwise covered. If you rented a professional blower, move that around to take best advantage of its strength. It is better not to replace furniture until the carpeting is dry.

Prepare for you and your pet’s wet feet by covering your upholstery with towels and watching any transitions from wet carpet to hard surfaces that can get slippery. With careful attention, within 12-24 hours, your carpet should be completely dry and ready for the holidays.

Steam Cleaning Your Carpet

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Now that you’re ready to clean your carpets, you have to ask yourself two questions. 1. Do you steam clean or dry clean? 2. Do you have the cleaning done professionally or do it yourself?

Steam cleaning, when it’s done well is probably the best process—and the one most often recommended by carpet manufacturers. Being “done well” includes several factors: the water is hot enough, the technician is well trained (best if he’s IICRC Certified), his truck- mounted equipment is in good working order—particularly the vacuum, and the cleaning agents are the correct ones for your carpet. A correctly operating truck-mounted vacuum will reclaim about 95% of the moisture from the cleaning process. This significantly increases soil removal and reduces drying time.

You probably don’t want to try steam cleaning on your own. Most of the home maintenance tools you can buy or rent are unable to generate enough heat, power or suction to really clean your carpet—despite how aggressively they are marketed by their manufacturers. For spot cleaning, they may work well; for a true deep extraction cleaning, invest in a professional cleaner, operating with a truck mounted unit that truly produces steam. For steam to actually reach your carpet, the water must reach about 250 degrees at its source!

It is imperative that all the cleaning agents are well-rinsed and removed—and that in the process, the carpet does not get too wet. Too much water can cause backing separation or leave wrinkles in your carpet. Cleaner residues, if not removed, will accelerate future soiling. You don’t want that!

Take care of your carpet and you will be pleased with the longterm results.