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How to Deep Clean Your Carpet

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Carpet can provide personal comfort to our homes. In fact, this floor covering option is often desired for its soft nature, warm touch, and an aesthetic appeal. Plus, carpet can be made in any different ways from natural or synthetic fibers. While technology advancements have made carpet much more durable and stain-resistant today, they can still get mucked up and dirty over time. While vacuuming can help with the longevity of keeping your carpet clean, it is still recommended to have your carpet deep cleaned every one to two years for the lifespan of the floor. To help you better understand how to steam clean your carpet, here is everything you need to know:

Prepare Your Room

To start, empty your entire room of all the furniture. While the room is empty, take advantage, and do a quick sweep. The vacuum will remove any dirt and debris on the surface of your carpet. Look for stains as well. If you can identify the stain, try to take proper measures to help remove it. The longer stains sit, the harder they can be to remove. Most stains will penetrate deep into the carpet fibers. Use the manufacturer’s recommend stain treatments to help break down any existing stains.

Steam Clean

One of the most effective ways to clean anything is to start with water; however, just pouring water on top of your carpet will over saturate the rug and ruin it. This reason is why we use steam cleaners. Water is boiled inside a steam cleaner and released into the carpet. The evaporated water can help steam out difficult stains, bacteria, and debris.


Your carpet may remain wet for several hours. You may want to wait before loading the room back with all the furniture. Wet carpet can jeopardize the carpet’s resilience to spring back into place. Placing heavy furniture right back on the carpet immediately after can mat down your fibers. Instead, allow your room to complete dry and be well ventilated. You may want to turn on some fans and open your windows in your home.

Steam cleaning is recommended once a year for heavy traffic areas and twice a year for less used areas. Make sure you keep up on the maintenance of your carpet to get the most extended life out of your floor. For more tips and tricks on flooring and home improvement, make sure to subscribe!

Clean your Carpet for the Holidays: Part 2

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Now that your carpet is clean, the next step is getting it dry as quickly as possible. If you don’t actively work on drying your carpeting, particularly in the winter or if you live in a high humidity area, you can end up with mold. But with a few temporary moves, you can have a dry carpet by the end of the day.

The best drying tool is your own heating system. Turn the heat up a few degrees and switch the fan on the thermostat from auto to on. This will keep your home venting to the outside whether the heat is running or not. Any other fans that vent to the outside in your baths or kitchen should also be turned on.

If you have ceiling fans, turn them on high. Place any portable fans you have in spots not otherwise covered. If you rented a professional blower, move that around to take best advantage of its strength. It is better not to replace furniture until the carpeting is dry.

Prepare for you and your pet’s wet feet by covering your upholstery with towels and watching any transitions from wet carpet to hard surfaces that can get slippery. With careful attention, within 12-24 hours, your carpet should be completely dry and ready for the holidays.

Clean Your Carpet for the Holidays

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A responsible way to keep your carpet looking new is regular vacuuming and cleaning. With the holidays coming up, now is a good time to get your carpeting ready. Take these steps to make the process easy and successful.

Shop for a good carpet cleaner: this means getting recommendations from family and friends. You cannot assume that a well-known name or company is the best choice, as franchises vary. Look for a firm with a good better business record that has been in business for some time. Also check into the type of equipment. A truck-mounted steam cleaner will do the best job. You may want to ask if the company has a professional blower to rent to help dry your carpet faster – these are generally available for a minimal fee.

Prepare for the cleaners: If you take the time to make your home ready for cleaning, you will have a better job and it will take less time. All furniture that you can move easily should be placed on hard surfaces away from the carpeting. Also remove anything with a fabric base. Take any breakables away from the area, to avoid risks of furniture accidentally getting bumped. Finally, place wax paper or plastic wrap under any wooden furniture legs. Some wood stains will bleed with the hot cleaning water, leaving stains on your carpeting.

Check for spots: your cleaner will probably catch them, but make sure so that they can receive a stronger treatment with stain remover before cleaning.

Protect your pets: Move your pets to a room where they and the cleaner don’t have to interact. This saves time and trouble, and keeps your pets safely locked up while the front door is open during cleaning.

When you’re finished, if the cleaning process went well thank the cleaners, and let them know you will call them again next time.