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Organizing Your Closet

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2887766_SYour husband has his man cave and the garage. You have the kitchen and your CLOSET. While some of us have the means to compete with Khloe Khardashian’s huge closet in her beautiful home, some of us don’t. To maximize closet space and find what you need in a hurry, here a few tips for closet organization.

Are you a folder? If so hang ventilated shelves for stacking clothes. This will help prevent mold, mildew and pests.

Group like with like – sweaters with sweaters. Remember that like size items stack more easily and neatly. Put clothes you wear the most in the center of the shelves.

If you have room, add drawers below eye level. Use baskets within the drawers to keep items organized.

As far as hanging goes, divide your clothes into categories and separate by hanging tags. Put all short-sleeved blouses together, then follow those with long sleeve blouses, get the idea? You get bonus points if you organize by color within the category – light to dark hues.

If shoes flood your closet floor, develop a smart strategy for storing them. Keep the shoes you wear all the time accessible on shelves if you have room. Store seasonal and special-occasion shoes in easy-to-see clear plastic boxes on the top shelf of your closet. Or simply reuse the original box and attach a picture of the shoes to the front.

Make sure your closet has good lighting. You can easily install lighting if need be. If you have a window in your closet be sure to add a shade as exposure to sunlight can fade clothes.

If your closet is also your dressing area install a floor length mirror on the back of the door.

To be super efficient you can install an ironing cabinet in your closet so that you can iron your clothes in a jiffy. Yes, this really exists.

Still have a few items that need a place? Pocket shoe holders can be used for more than shoes. Use them for socks, lingerie, leggings or jewelry.

Now, while your husband enjoys his man cave you can enjoy your beautifully organized closet.

Laundry Room Smarts

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Laundry rooms are growing in size and scope. Instead of a simple space holding a washer and dryer and maybe a tub, laundry rooms may have extra storage, pull down ironing boards and space for other uses such as paying household bills or sewing and crafts.

This small but bright room is an ideal setting for laundry. The modern washer and dryer have a rod set above them that’s perfect for hanging clothes to dry or shirts after ironing. There’s plenty of space for an ironing board and an additional surface for folding clothes. The top of the appliances is also useful for folding and organizing.

Notice the flooring – a simple small tile common in many bathrooms. This is a good choice for a room with potential flooding issues. The drain in the floor ensures that any unexpected water won’t risk the floors in other rooms of the home. With the window and bright curtains, this is an inviting space for working.

If your laundry space also serves any additional purposes that may incline you to have the room feel less utilitarian and more like the rest of your home, you might want to consider a laminate floor. The look of wood in a floor with the more moisture resistant utility of laminate allows you to create a nicer looking space that still meets the room’s functional requirements.

Don’t treat your laundry room as a drab space to be hidden. Add functionality and design elements to create a space that you enjoy as much as any other room in your home.