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The Well Organized Garage

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12200930_SWhat do you see when you open your garage?  Is it cluttered and overstocked with tools and out door equipment? Our garages tend to become storage units for extra stuff, sporting goods, outdoor stuff and the mystery items in unmarked bins. If you can’t even imagine having a garage with a clean floor and empty walls, it might be time to clear out the garage. Garages, like attics and basements tend to be gathering places for all the extra stuff we accumulate over the years.

Organization in the garage is key.  Just like in kitchens, having the right kind of storage and plenty of it can help keep you organized and clutter free.  Depending on the size of your garage you may opt for wall or shelf storage, or a combination of both. There are also storage systems that utilize the height and ceiling of a garage to store bulky items that are rarely used out of the way. Bike racks and proper storage for tools and outdoor equipment like rakes and leaf blowers can also keep the floor clutter free.

Garage floors are yet another area where you can add a personal touch. There are paints dedicated for garage floors that can turn plain concrete into a showroom floor. Even just a clean and sealed concrete floor can vastly improve the look of your garage.

If you really want a polished looking garage, paint the walls rather than leave them builder’s dry wall. Nothing fancy but a clean coat of paint can go a long way to making your garage look and function great.

Do Something Nice for Dad

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Since we are fast approaching Father’s Day weekend, why don’t you do something special for Dad. After all, he doesn’t need another tie. Instead why don’t you organize the garage for him?

Garages were created for cars, but people park a lot of other stuff there as well. Garden shovels, sports gear, pet supplies and anything else you don’t know where else to put. The catchall can quickly turn into a dumping ground, which is why organization is essential in any garage.

1. Climb the Walls

The first step toward creating a clutter-free garage is getting as many items as possible off the floor. Wall-mounted track systems are a big asset.

2. Systematize Storage

Think logically about what goes where on the track system. For example, in the summer, a beach chair will get more use than a snow shovel, so it hangs up front.

3. Revive Dead Space

Rather than ignore the narrow strip of wall between the garage doors, turn into a mini auto-care station. Two wall-mounted wire baskets contain assorted engine fluids, as well as a sponge, a squeegee, and other car-cleaning essentials. One of the metal receptacles is for trash from road trips, while the other will hold rock salt for icy mornings come winter.

Don’t forget to perk up the workshop part of the garage as well. This is the time to be sure it is equipped with sufficient electrical outlets for power tools and good lighting for doing projects:

1. Seeing Clearly

Add a new overhead cage fixture to illuminate the work area. Use an industrial lamp with an adjustable arm to deliver targeted task lighting.

2. Multiplying the Options

A wall-mounted track system adds three tiers of shelving for paint supplies. Folding sawhorses on the two bottom hooks open easily when duty calls.

3. Hanging Up Hand Tools

Peg-Board is practically synonymous with organizing.

4. Moving Around

A portable metal toolbox can be used at the workbench or rolled over to the automobiles when mechanical repairs are needed.

And viola – Dad now has a clean, organized and efficient garage. He’ll love it!