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Cottage Style in the Bedroom

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10963164_SCottage style is great for creating a warm and inviting bedroom. The bedroom pictured here has a lovely winter white painted bed and shabby chic bed linens that create a lovely, light bed that suits the space. The walls covered in this patterned wallpaper add tons of cottage charm to the room.

Cottage style combines vintage and feminine accents with comfortable furniture.  The winter white painted bed and desk used as a nightstand are not matching pieces but the color of the paint unites them. Keeping the bedding simple, but layering it with different textures and patterns makes for a beautifully made bed.  A pair of small table lamps would provide bedside lighting for both sides of the bed when the curtains aren’t drawn back. Despite being made up of vintage and mismatched pieces, the furniture in this bedroom feels like a suite because of the similar color.

One cottage element lacking in this space is something soft on the floor. Two small runners flanking the bed would provide a soft place to land your feet in the morning. Area rugs and runners are a great place to add another layer of texture or a spot of color. They could be similar in color to the floor or pick up the white from the furniture and bedding.

Cottage Style Tile – Reader Question

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Reader Question:

Hi! I am trying to establish “Wright” style cottage, in new house. I plan to do the bathroom in white subway, beadboard , octagon white on floor. Do you have suggestion for shower “steam” tile??


In the Frank Lloyd Wright’s Westcott House Restoration, the bathroom walls were white 3×6 subway tiles laid straight with the white octagon tiles on the floor. If you wanted to be safe and accurate, that would be the best route. If you just want the bathroom to have a cottage feel that is simple and clean, here are a couple of design considerations you may not have thought of with subway tiles.

  • Install 3×6 tiles in a vertical application. This can help create the illusion of height on the wall. This can be viewed as more modern, but if you keep the other items in the bath with a cottage feel, this will be fine.
  • Consider using larger subway shaped tiles such as 4×8 or 8×10 tiles.
  • On one of the walls in the shower, create a picture frame effect and install the tiles on the inside of the frame in a herringbone pattern.
  • To incorporate color, take a sheet of mosaics and have them cut into linear strips and installed along side the subway tiles. (randomly and sparingly)
  • For more depth and interest, incorporate pencil liners, chair rail and other moldings into your design scheme.

Products to check out:

  • Dal Tile’s Rittenhouse Square offers:
    • 3×6 subway tile in matte and semi gloss
    • 2×4 brick joint mini subway tiles
    • Shelf rail
    • Modern Dimensions also has some alternate rectangular shapes

We hope this information helps. Come in to see us and we can give you more specific advice based on the size of your shower and other design considerations in your bathroom.