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Making Your Bathroom Feel Larger

Written by creatingyourspace on . Posted in Design and Decorating

If you would like a bathroom to feel larger, a few simple steps can do a lot to enhance the feeling of space. This photo shows one bath that takes advantage of a number of options to make it feel as large as possible.

Start with using glass instead of a shower curtain. This frameless shower surround helps make the space feel like part of the room rather than a separate section. This dramatically improves the sense of space.

Putting in a pedestal sink opens up the space normally hidden by a vanity, and allows the tile to show from wall to wall, once again expanding perceived space.

By staying consistent with the wall tile and colors, the room has no visible breaks, fooling the eye into thinking the space is larger. The floor tile also follows this rule, staying the same through the bath and shower, with only a small lip of matching tile to keep water under control. Having the bath fixtures in white also keeps the eye moving without the breaks that make a room look smaller.

A large mirror over the sink puts the finishing touch on this bath with the reflection adding an additional feeling of space.

If you want your bathroom to look as large as possible, consider drawing on some of the tricks this bathroom demonstrates to increase the perception of space.