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Pete the Pro Episode 6

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Continue with Pete as he shows you how to start a grid pattern. Don’t forget to go back and start his series from the beginning…

Pete the Pro Episode 1

Pete The Pro Video Series Start Grid – YouTube

In his continuing series, Pete shows the correct way to start a grid pattern. Pete Lettecci aka “Pete the Pro” installed ceramic tile for over 30 years. Sinc…


Pete the Pro Episode 5

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Make sure to watch this episode of Pete the Pro!  There’s no one like Pete to bring a straightforward explanation to you and make your project easier.

Pete The Pro Video Series Starting The Tile Straight – YouTube

Pete shows how to start your tile project and ensure that the tile is straight. Pete Lettecci aka “Pete the Pro” installed ceramic tile for over 30 years. Si…


Handcrafted Accents

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15758412_SCrafting is more than a hobby these days. It is a big trend in interior design. The Do-It-Yourself movement is more popular than ever. Whether crafting is with paper, fabric, yarn, paint or another material, using handcrafted pieces to decorate your home gives your décor a personal touch. If you are not a master crafter or don’t have the time to craft, websites like Etsy give you access to buy beautiful handcrafted objects, accents and furniture for your home.

Including a handcrafted accent, like this pillow, is a lovely way to bring a handmade touch to your decorating. Perhaps you have a quilt your grandmother did or a needlepoint rug from a great aunt stored in your attic. Pull these heirlooms out and enjoy them. If they are in good shape, use them as intended. If they are in a more fragile state, frame them or display them so you can still enjoy them while bringing character to your room. If you don’t have a quilt from grandma, look at flea markets and antique stores for handcrafted vintage and antique pieces.

Other handcrafted accents can be found in import stores. These handcrafted works will give your room a global feeling as well as a handmade touch.  Furniture, accessories and even rugs that are handcrafted can also help support the people who made them. Look for fair trade and information on the cooperative that supports indigenous craftspeople when buying global handcrafts. Not only will you be getting a beautiful object for your home, you can support the livelihood of a traditional craftsperson.

Old House New House Home Show

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Century Tile will be exhibiting at the Old House New House Home Show. Join us February 10, 11 and 12 at Pheasant Run Resort, located at 4051 E. Main Street (North Avenue) in St. Charles. We will be showing and doing presentations for all three days. The home show will help you freshen up your home surroundings with great ideas on how to renovate, remodel and revitalize.

Now in its 27th year, this best-in-class event returns with over 300 award-winning contractors, talented designers, creative craftsmen, skilled carpenters, landscape architects, pond purveyors, flooring specialists, home automation gurus and more.

Attendees can meet industry experts face-to-face, learn important factors to consider and make a well-informed decision for any home improvement project, large or small.

Century Tile will be presenting a “DIY Tile Style” workshop each day at noon. Century Tile’s Pete Letici and Linda Distefano will talk about tile design and how to make installation easy. They will show you the latest products available for backsplashes, bathrooms and kitchen transformations. They will give you practical pointers, design tips and installation know-how for your next tile project.

Attendees will also have the chance to win a $1,000 home show gift certificate to be used at the exhibitor of their choice!

Scope out the possibilities and make the most of your home surroundings this February. For a current exhibitor list, directions to Pheasant Run, contest rules, or a printable $1 off admission coupon, please visit or call 630/515-1160 for more information.

Home Décor Ideas For Christmas

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We are so excited for the holidays and Christmas will soon be here! Decorating for the holiday season doesn’t have to break the bank. Follow these guidelines to create your own Christmas Wonderland:

1. Theme it right: Choosing a theme will head you into the right direction, regarding where to start. Themes can be based on the geography where you live and/or special interests.

2. Color coordinate: Selecting your color theme can easily stem from your special interest theme or simply coordinate to enhance your theme. Choose two to three main colors to work with. Color combinations that have a main vibrant color and one or two supporting colors really make your theme unique and well put together. Choose a primary or secondary color for your main color. Gold, Silver, and white make for great supporting colors that enhance your main vibrant color.

3. Some DIY: You can cut costs by making some DIY decorations. Popcorn can easily be strung to make great garland. If you buy a real tree; save the clippings from the bottom to make your wreath out of. Pretty ribbon can be intertwined into your wreath, tree and garland. Pack it away neatly so it can be used for year after year (until it wears out).

4. No mantle? No problem. You can decorate your entertainment unit like you would a mantel. Add garland, lights and even hang your stockings on it. Feel free to decorate doorways as well!

Get creative. Get innovative. Anything that shimmers or glistens can be incorporated into Christmas decorations! Glass and crystal items are complimented when dispersed on a mantel or used in a centerpiece surrounded by garland, ribbon and lit by a strand of lights!