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The Decor of the White House

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Did you ever wonder about the decor of the White House? The White House has gone through many changes with time. It has seen many decorators and First Ladies. What is it like today? Today it remains consistent to its place in history and has a very large collection of historical furnishings and art which are kept in mint condition. A lot of love and caring has gone into the preservation of the lovingly collected contributions of past generations of presidents and their families. 

The decor of the White House is rich in classical design and very dramatic. The furniture is historic and sometimes very ornate. The beautiful White House piano, a custom made Steinway is a center of focus. 

Many gilded pieces, such as huge gilded frames, sconces, candelabras and even gilded dinner service adorn the house. The floors consist of the finest materials, often dressed with a grand rug or rich carpeting. Dark woods and marble are in abundance. 

Have There Been Any Major Changes To the Decor of the White House?

No!  There have been no major changes in the decor of the White House, excluding needed maintenance and repair. The last major change to the White House occurred after a fire during the War of 1812. The fire damaged much of the interior and exterior.  However, fine decor is much appreciated in the House and kept as close to the original as possible. Occasionally a change will be necessary in order to keep up with changing times.

The most noticeable change has been to the White House room in which state functions are held, such as dinners and receptions. A modern design has come to this room making it much more functional and beneficial for its social and entertaining purposes. It now has a staged type appearance with dramatic and changeable lighting of dramatic nature. As an added touch Lucite chairs have replaced the former wooden chairs to take full advantage of the lighting in all of its glistening and modern interior design.

The Dramatic Decor of the White House

Changes are made at the White House only when needed and are made to either update or produce a dramatic presentation. The decor of the White House is something to behold, as it has been formed with the lives of many, and sings a song of our history.