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Mosaic Accents in the Bathroom

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2012-09-24 15.06.59The Romans used mosaic as flooring for their homes and bathrooms so we have them to thank for the beautiful tile mosaics still being used in flooring and bathrooms today.  Mosaic is a natural choice to be used as flooring and walls in the bathroom.  It also makes wonderful accents with other materials.

A narrow strip of colorful mosaic tiles add interest to the wall in this bathroom.  The natural stone color of the larger tiles is given a punch with the deeper red tones of the mosaic.  This is also a great example of a more expensive material used sparingly for big impact at low cost.  Adding a strip of mosaic tiles made of tumbled marble or glass adds a touch of luxury to even the simplest bathroom tiles.

Mosaic tiles on the floors and walls can mean a lot of grout to keep clean.  Adding a mosaic tile border around the middle of the floor or stripes of mosaic tiles would liven up a plain floor.  In the shower, mosaic tiles can be used with natural stone tile, ceramic tile or porcelain tiles.  Tumbled stone mosaic tiles would have less impact than a glass or colorful ceramic mosaic.  A single row of mosaic tile used as a border high in the shower or at waist height, or both would work well.

Mosaics can also be used to decorate a mirror and bath accessories. Find a flat plain frame to fit your bathroom mirror and cover it with mosaic tile that you use elsewhere to help bring together the design of the bathroom.

Trend Spotting: Poufs

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Have you noticed these round floor cushions on design blogs and in magazines? They’re popping up everywhere. Seen in living rooms, bedrooms, family rooms and even in outdoor living spaces, these cushions are called poufs.  The poufs can soften hard tile floors and can do the same in your home for hardwood floors, too.

The pouf is a versatile piece in that it can be used as an ottoman to put your feet up, extra seating, or a place to lounge.  Traditionally made of leather, the pouf comes in a rainbow of colors including metallics. The bright colors and simple patterns on the pouf mean they can work in a number of rooms and décor styles.  Poufs can be right at home in more traditional rooms and contemporary rooms. Their soft shape makes them great for children’s play areas and bedrooms.

Because of the popularity of the pouf, you’ll now find poufs made from different materials. You can find non-traditional poufs that are multicolored and made of patterned fabrics. Knitted and crocheted poufs add great texture to a room.  The knitted poufs have the look and softness of a beloved sweater—great for snuggly winter decorating.

Poufs can be easily moved and stored under tables or consoles, making them even more versatile.  Their portability means you can move them from room to room and even outdoors as you need them.

A Few Design Tips

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Do you want a home where you can relax and where guests can feel at home? Here are a few tips to make your space personal and inviting.

Make it Personal

  • What color were your walls in your bedroom when you were a child? Why not use the same color scheme now? Use the same color for your bedding.
  • Use a desk to work double duty as a night stand. The extra storage means you have everything from your laptop to jewelry within reach.
  • Save dried flowers, matchbooks, bottle caps or other mementos and use them to fill large glass jars. These are personal reminders of events in your life that are colorful and add whimsey to your room.
  • Stack your own personal coffee table books. Display only the books that mean something to you.

Add color

  • Keep large pieces neutral and accessories bright. For example, a gray couch is a great canvas for fun pillows. Choose a variety of materials like linen and silk with vibrant patterns to create a cheerful palette.
  • On your walls, vintage maps make great artwork. Choose places that mean something to you.
  • Make a table pop with colorful glass vases or teacups collected from your trips around the world.

Cheat a Little

  • Mirrors can make a small space feel larger. Photos can add dimension as well. Remember those bulletin boards from your college dorm room? Same idea here. Display your favorite pictures and rotate them often. Call it wall art.
  • No pricey chandelier. No problem. An oversize floor lamp can easily be transformed into a central light.

Remember – your space is YOUR space so make it uniquely yours.