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Cleaning Out Your Gutters

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9393881_SIt’s fall, which means there are some unpleasant chores that need to be accomplished – namely raking leaves and cleaning out the gutters. Get your kids to deal with the leaves and handle the gutters yourself as it involves climbing up and down a ladder.

Why do we need to clean out the gutters? Leaves and other debris can build up in the gutters, clogging the downspouts. This can lead to water damage on your roof. Water pouring over the gutters can end up leaking inside your home and into your foundation.

Clean your gutters while standing firmly on a ladder. Use one bucket for gutter debris and one for tools. Use wire hooks to attach each bucket to the ladder. Clean large debris with a trowel first. Using a hose flush the gutter starting at the opposite end of the downspout. If the water doesn’t drain, check the downspout to see if it is clogged and clean as necessary.

If there is still any standing water in the gutter after it has been flushed it may not be sloped correctly. Do not ignore this problem. If the gutter doesn’t slope enough, detach the hangers and adjust the gutter to drain properly and then reattach.  If you don’t feel comfortable doing that, call a professional.

This is also the time to inspect gutter sections for damage and missing parts, repair any gutter leaks and apply gutter touch up paint. You may even want to repaint all of the gutters.

While cleaning out the gutters does take some time and elbow grease, it is necessary for the health of your home.

Schedule Housecleaning

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You probably know this, but here it is again. House cleaning on a schedule is the best way to keep your home looking fabulous 24/7. Yep, we’re all busy. Cleaning the house can take a back seat to soccer games, play dates, brunch outings, or if we’re honest – just plain laziness. Scheduling cleaning weekly is the best way to avoid those overwhelming “OMG! Why is the house so dirty?” moments. You know what I’m talking about. To avoid those housekeeping freak-outs, schedule your housework. Doing so gets it done easier and faster.

Housework delayed is housework multiplied. Sweeping the kitchen floor daily makes weekly mopping no big deal. You know that when you skip the sweeping for a few weeks, your kitchen floor a dusty, grease stained mess.

Reconsider whatever is preventing you from sticking to a cleaning schedule. More time spent cleaning daily means less time you’ll spend on weekly cleaning or less time your housecleaner has to be there – which translates into a couple of things – savings of money and your precious time.

So what should you be doing on a daily basis?

  • Make your bed
  • Put dirty clothes in the laundry
  • Wash, dry, and put away one load of laundry unless you have a designated Laundry Day
  • Sweep the kitchen floor
  • Tidy up the kitchen
  • Take out the trash
  • Pick up all the rooms in the house

What should you be doing weekly?

  • Change bed linens and bathroom towels
  • Clean bathrooms
  • Clean kitchen counters and the inside of the microwave oven
  • Wash or dust hard-surface floors
  • Dust furniture
  • Vacuum carpets and rugs
  • Sweep your entryway or porch–This will help maintain your floors, too

Realistically, it shouldn’t take more than 45 minutes a day to accomplish the daily chore list. It may take even less time if you enlist your family members to help as well. Delegation is key. Keep everyone accountable by posting a written list of work to be done on the fridge. Rotate chores on a weekly basis to keep it “interesting”.

Now, go to those soccer games, plan those play dates and enjoy a brunch outing. You don’t have to worry about coming home to a dirty, messy house.