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Best Tools for Dusting

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17743332_SYou know what dust is made out of, where it comes from and how many times a month you need to dust to keep your home healthy and looking its best. But what are the best tools for getting rid of dust?

Start first with your vacuum. You can use your vacuum to dust your walls, ceilings and baseboards. One downside – if you don’t have a HEPA filter on your vacuum you may end up spewing dust back in the air.

A feather duster is another good tool. Use a feather duster to dust bookshelves without having to move everything off. Just be careful to replace your feather duster if any of the feathers break, as this may cause scratching of surfaces.

A lambs wool duster is also good at getting in small and irregular spaces. This tool tends to stir up less dust than a feather duster, but you do have to make sure to wash it periodically.

Microfiber cloths do a great job of dusting without stirring up dust. The cloths can hold quite a bit of dust and won’t scratch your furniture. They are not great, however, for dusting up high or for dusting irregular surfaces.

Electrostatic cloths are another option. They won’t stir up dust and come in disposable options so that no cleaning in-between dusting is needed. They vary in lengths and sizes and some even come with poles so you can dust up high. The main con to electrostatic dust cloths is that they are more expensive as they are not reusable.

Should you use oils or polishes? Oils and polishes can enhance the look of your wood furniture and they will help with dusting fine surfaces, however, overuse or improper use can cause buildup or cause clouding of your furniture.

Compressed air is the best way to dust electronics. It is also great to use for surfaces where cloths may snag or in small spaces where tools aren’t practical.

6 Things To Do Everyday

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Does housework get the best of you? With our crazy lives full of kids, work, pets, after school activities and finding time for date night sometimes housekeeping comes last. To be sure that cleaning day doesn’t last for hours and hours, here are six easy things you can do every day to keep the dirt at bay.

  1. Make your bed. It makes your room instantly tidier, and you are less likely to mess up a tidy room, right?
  2. Manage clutter. When you leave a room look for what doesn’t belong and put it away. Insist that every one in your family do the same.
  3. Sort the mail. Recycle the junk mail, and deal with bills and correspondence right away. File immediately.
  4. Clean as you cook. You’ve heard this one before, and it’s true. Instead of filling the sink with pots and pans, wash them and put them away as you go.
  5. Wipe up spills right away. Don’t let the dog pee on the carpet, tomato sauce on the kitchen counter or water on the bathroom floor hang out. All spots and stains are easier to get out if you deal with it immediately.
  6. Sweep the kitchen floor. While your children may think that “cleaning up the kitchen” just means loading the dishwasher that is not the case. Give them one easier chore – sweeping the kitchen floor. This will keep the tough-to-clean kitchen grime more manageable when it comes to mopping day.

Cleaning Blinds

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What is your least favorite household chore? Did you just say cleaning blinds? It’s right up there with cleaning the oven, isn’t it. Fear not, cleaning blinds doesn’t have to be tedious anymore. Follow these quick tips and your blinds will look fabulous.

Vacuum your blinds weekly. Yes, weekly. Close the slats before you start. This way you clean more surface area. Vacuuming weekly will go a long way in keeping your blinds clean and dirt free.

Spot clean – fingerprints and dirt build up may require more than just vacuuming. Use a damp cloth or sponge to remove stubborn stains. Make sure you wipe the blinds dry to prevent water spotting.

Bath your blinds – when vacuuming and spot cleaning are not doing the trick take your blinds down and immerse them in your bathtub. Add dishwashing soap to the water. Never dunk wooden blinds or blinds with decorative tape, you’ll destroy them. Be sure to towel dry.

Get rid of the dingy – use white shoe polish on cording, ropes and taped areas if bathing and vacuuming don’t help. Yes, it seems like cheating but at least your blinds will look terrific.

Even though we have added another “to do” item to your weekly cleaning list, we think that it will help you keep your home looking beautiful.

New Years Resolutions For Your Home

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Have you already started making your list of things you’re going to improve in 2012?

Get fit/lose weight, Don’t commit to more than you can handle, Prepare healthy and nutritious meals for the children

Etc., etc., etc…well, best wishes! While you are making a list we encourage you to make some resolutions for your home as well. Now don’t freak out, it’s nothing too overwhelming.

Get rid of clutter! Commit to going through each room in your home to clear out items that you don’t use or need. Donate these items to charity.

Make your home safe! Take time now to test for radon gas. Install carbon monoxide monitors on every bedroom floor. Test fire alarms and remember to replace batteries regularly.

Shrink bills and your carbon footprint! Turn off lights when you leave a room. Only run the washer if you have a full load of laundry. Consider drying some clothes on a line instead of in the dryer. Turn off your air conditioning when you leave your house. Dial down your furnace to 55 degrees at night. Install compact fluorescent lighting and low flow showerheads. Water your yard less.

Work out a plan to keep your house clean! Each day dishes should go into the dishwasher. Hang up clean clothes each night as well. Put dirty clothes straight into the hamper. Weekly, enlist your family to help you. Have one person vacuum, dust and make the beds. Have another person clean all the bathrooms. Then team up to clean the kitchen and take out all the trash.

Get your home ready for entertaining! If one of your personal resolutions is to spend more time with friends and family then do something in your home to make it more “inviting”. Rearrange your furniture into conversational groups. Update a room with a new coat of paint. Add new runners, throw pillows or even plants for a fresh new look.

See, it’s not too overwhelming is it? These are resolutions that you can actually make AND easily keep. Cheers!