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Building Your Own Sample Kits

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Do you find it frustrating to shop for a new piece of furniture or accessories because you bring something home and discover that it’s not the color match you expected? Are bathroom towels a challenge because you can’t remember your tile’s tone? Take advantage of a simple approach during the installation process and make your life easier for years to come.

You can easily put together a collection of samples for every room to take with you when you shop. Flooring installers always have scraps of carpet and fragments of tile and wood. If you take a minute during the installation process to grab a sample for your collection, you’re off to a good start. (Ask the installers if your piece is OK to take before running off with it!)

Paint is also easy to sample. Buy a packet of index cards, or use any heavy paper stock, and paint a card for every color in every room. To make your life easier later, write the paint name and brand on the back. Don’t rely on the original paint chips. If you compare them to the paint, you will discover that the chip and the wall are not an exact match.

Finally, see what you can collect in terms of fabric samples. If you have curtains made or furniture covered, ask for some of the fabric to add to your collection. If that option is not available, check the hems to see if you can trim a small piece of fabric without damaging the piece.

When your sample kit is complete, take few photos of each room from various angles. This is a good way to capture a fireplace, bookshelf or rug. Now put your sample books or boxes together. Depending upon the size of your sample collection, a large envelope or photo box per room should hold everything. Now you’re ready to shop, prepared with all the information you need to make good decisions!