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What’s Wrong With This Picture?

Written by creatingyourspace on . Posted in Ceramic / Porcelain Tile, Design and Decorating, Tips

It’s obvious, right?!? The flooring just doesn’t work in this room. The cabinets are lovely – a light maple in a Shaker style. The black countertops and matching appliances provide just the right note of contrast. However, the floor gives the whole kitchen a dull feel. This room could handle either a dark or light tile. Even a black and white pattern would liven up the space. But this flooring choice doesn’t match the cabinets and yet doesn’t look different enough to stand out from them.

The other problem with this kitchen is the general lack of excitement. Imagine the space with a colorful backsplash done in glass tile. Right now the backsplash simply mirrors the white inside the glass-fronted cabinets. This demonstrates yet another opportunity to take this room out of the ordinary that was ignored by the homeowner.

When planning your kitchen, give some serious thought to what you can do to get your guests to look twice. A little imagination and creativity and you too can have a kitchen to remember, and without having to hire a cook that makes everyone nervous.