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How to Keep Marble Surfaces Clean

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Do you love your marble floors? With its subtle swirl pattern and beautiful shade variations, it is no wonder you do. Whether you have decided to install this colorful stone on your floors, kitchen counters, or as a backsplash with marble tiles, it can be expensive to install. Therefore, it is vital to protect your investment by properly maintaining marble surfaces.

Marble Surfaces Are Easily Damaged

Although marble is a type of natural stone, it is especially susceptible to damage. Although the exterior is hard, it can be easily dented, smashed, or cracked. That is why it is crucial that you hire a professional to seal your marble tiles after they have been installed. A quality sealant will help prevent damage from furniture and foot traffic.

In addition, marble tiles are stain-prone. Remember that it is derived from a metamorphic rock, which means it can have a negative reaction to acid substances. When an acid comes into contact with marble, it can result in staining and discoloration. Substances like wine, coffee, ketchup, and orange juice should be cleaned up immediately when it comes into contact with your marble tiles.

Sealing Your Marble Tiles

Natural stone tiles like marble require regular sealing, not just after an initial application. Stone is especially porous, which means that it needs protection against food, liquid, and other substances. You can choose between solvent or water-based sealants, depending on your preference. Sealants work by penetrating through the stone and sealing the pores so that it acts as a repellent against moisture and stains.

Tips for Maintaining Marble Surfaces

When cleaning marble surfaces, you should avoid using all-purpose cleaners that are not marble-safe since they often contain ingredients that could erode the stone. Here are some additional tips you should keep in mind:

  • You can use a mixture of diluted dish soap and water.
  • Use a dust mop to remove dirt, dust, and debris. 
  • Hydrogen peroxide can be used to remove coffee, tea, and food. 
  • Commercial poultice powder can be used to remove stubborn stains. 
  • If you have marble tiles installed in the bathroom, be sure to dry it after showering.
  • Be sure to wipe up substances with colorants immediately to avoid staining the stone.
  • Always check with your manufacturer to ensure you are using approved products.

We hope that these tips were helpful! If you have any questions about your marble tiles, be sure to leave us a comment. Thanks for reading!

Grout Grout Grout

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You’ve picked out your tile; you know the exact name of the paint color on your walls, your beautiful draperies are on order. But then… is the question you didn’t anticipate – what color grout do you want in between those gorgeous ceramic tiles?

There are definitely two schools of thought when it comes to grout color. When choosing the color you can select one that blends in with the overall color of the tile to minimize the appearance of the grout, or you can select a grout color that is lighter or darker than the tile. It is also common to see grout variations when comparing the grout color in a tile floor and the same grout color on the tile countertop or wall. If the tile is installed in a high traffic area then you may want to select a darker grout.

WAIT – Stop for a second and take in that bit of information.

I repeat – If the tile is installed in a high traffic area then you may want to select a darker grout. Many, many homeowners are kicking themselves after installing a light colored grout in a busy traffic area of their homes.

is typically mixed on site, but slight color variations can occur. Grout can also vary from the manufacturer’s sample you saw in the store, but not by much. This can be attributed to variations in temperature and humidity at the time of grouting and it’s just a fact of life. Sorry.

Once the tile has been laid and grouted, it is your responsibility to maintain all caulked areas to guard against water damage. Grout may also darken over time in areas with heavy water use. But more on grout maintenance later.

The first thing to do is to make the right decision about the color of grout that will work best in your home today. Our experts are on hand waiting to help you make that decision. It doesn’t have to be hard. We’re very skilled at grout.