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Wood Floor Styles:Modern

Written by creatingyourspace on . Posted in Design and Decorating, Hardwood and Laminate

If you are drawn to the sculptural look of modern design, you may want to consider starting with an ebony-toned wood floor. The unusually dark tones provide the perfect foundation to a totally contemporary room.

This dark floor works well with both pure white and the rich colors that often reflect contemporary style. How about combining this floor with a white sofa, a fireplace with textured tile that reaches to the top of a vaulted ceiling, and several contemporary abstracts in vivid colors? As you can see in this photo, an ebony floor allows artwork and other room elements to pop.

Unlike other wood floors, this darker tone is relatively new, and the look will be unfamiliar to many. The cooler tones allow you to either warm the space with other woods, or use metal and fibers to keep the cooler mood. If you already have selected your modern furniture, ask for a sample to see how your current furnishings will work with this look. You will probably be pleasantly surprised; this floor is remarkably versatile.

Ebony floors range from looks like this with some tonal variety to floors that read almost totally black. Look for the floor that works best for your personal style. Talk to your salesperson about your goals, and he or she will show you the best options.

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