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Stone Floors

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Stone flooring has been valued for centuries for its beauty, durability and strength. Natural stone is an all-weather material that can be cool and comforting in warm weather and made warm and inviting with rugs in cold weather.

Different types of natural stone are used as flooring material. Common choices include granite, slate, sandstone, marble and limestone. Stone’s natural differences provide an inviting personality for your floors.

Stone floors are strong and last a lifetime if properly maintained. A stone floor looks good whether it is highly polished or left with a rough natural look. Rougher stone provides a more non-slip surface for families with children or pets. Be cautious with stone in bathrooms or kitchens, because some become extremely slippery when wet.

Maintaining stone floors is fairly straightforward. A little wet mopping is enough to keep stone floors clean. Stone is both heat and moisture resistant. Some stone floors do better with annual sealing to protect the beauty of the finish. Stone flooring is often a sustainable choice, depending upon the transportation requirements of your chosen variety.

Some things to keep in mind about stone floors:

  • One concern with stone flooring is the risk of grave injuries with a fall. Stone is therefore not an ideal flooring option for older adults.
  • The floors are also very noisy especially in high-traffic rooms.
  • Stone is a heavy flooring material and needs a strong concrete subfloor for stability.
  • Installing stone flooring is not easy and requires the services of an expert. This is definitely not something you want to tackle on your own!
  • Natural stone flooring is also more expensive than most other options.
  • Unsealed stone flooring is also more easily stained than other flooring choices.

Natural stone is a good flooring option if you are looking for a strong yet beautiful flooring material. Be sure to evaluate your needs and goals to determine whether stone is the best floor choice for you.