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Grand Illusions – Our Product of the Week

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When you think about flooring you probably aren’t thinking about grand illusions. But we are. We are featuring Grand Illusions by Armstrong as our product of the week. But let’s back up a minute here. This hard surface product is laminate. Yes, that’s right – laminate. Why do hard wood floors get all the attention?

Laminate flooring’s popularity has soared in recent years and for good reason. It is incredibly durable, affordable and easy to clean. It’s available in a wide array of styles from rich and traditional to clean and contemporary, including today’s popular “exotic” wood looks inspired by rare wood species from around the world.

This particular product is known and trusted for reliable quality, and an expansive offering of colors and designs to meet your personal style. Laminate floors have exceptional durability as they won’t dent, ding or fade. Laminate floors are scratch resistant so they look newer for longer. They are easy to clean, just a quick damp mop every now and then. They never need sanding, buffing or refinishing. Installation is also easy, even for those of you who have “DIY” husbands.

Look at this example of Grand Illusions Laminate. Can’t you just picture these gorgeous floors in your home?

We want to tell you more about laminate. Please visit our flooring showrooms in Chicago, Bolingbrook, Itasca, Joliet, Lombard, Matteson, Mt. Prospect, Mundelein, and Woodstock, IL. We’re here to help your ideas become reality.

What’s New in Laminate Flooring

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With advancements in technology, flooring manufacturers have made some recent breakthroughs and have introduced a new affordable option to flooring with the use of laminate floors. Laminate was first used as a material for counter tops but since they found it very affordable, durable and resistant to scratch and damage, many home owners now use laminate as the best alternative to real wood for their flooring.

So what is laminate flooring?

Laminate flooring is made from multi layered materials. The top layer is made from melamine resin and has undergone heat forming to make it durable which serves as the protection from scratching or scuffing.

The next layer is the print film which is the photograph of the wood that it is copying. It can be a photograph of an oak wood, pine, bamboo, mahogany and many others which are protected by the coating of the first layer. The technology for making laminate flooring is so advanced, that it is now difficult to distinguish a laminate floor from a real wood.

The next layer is the core and is composed of high density fibreboard to increase the strength and durability of the laminate floor. Sometimes, there is another layer of plastic added after the core to protect the core from moisture.

There are many different types of laminate floors available:

  1. Embossed. Embossed laminate floors have raised patterns that can be cut into square or rectangular strips.
  2. Smooth. Smooth laminate floors are one variety of laminate floors that closely resemble ceramic or marble floors.
  3. Wood Grain. Wood grain laminate floors are the type that closely resembles hardwood floors.
  4. Patina. Patina is a new type of laminate floor that is basically the same as the embossed type, but it has been painted for a more artistic look.
  5. Distressed. Distressed is another new type of laminate floor that has an old and worn out look to it.

Laminate floor tiles can either come as strips, planks or tiles which can be glued or snapped together for installation.

Definitely, laminate floors are the best alternative for homeowners who want to cut down their flooring costs while still having many styles and design choices to choose from. Stop by one of our convenient locations to pick out the perfect style of laminate for your home!